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Comment: Re:Won't be enough (Score 1) 174

*I* think it's funny that you believe being overly pedantic is going to help move the discussion forward. Nerds or not we should all know how to have a conversation without assuming things not in evidence. And still you persist with believing the OP thinks there is "no risk". Perhaps nerds don't know how to ask clarifying questions?

Comment: Re:We don't all work in Windows + efficiency (Score 1) 429

by Atzanteol (#48899657) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can You Get a Good 3-Button Mouse Today?
All of which are *much* more efficient than "ctrl+c" + "ctrl+v". I'll be honest - I like the highlight + center-click thing for the most part. But there are a number of times where explicit copy/paste is much nicer. And I think at this point it's actually more efficient overall. ctrl+c is pretty damned easy to hit and removes the accidental copy issues one can run into. Also having *one* copy/paste buffer is *enormously* better than Linux's sorta-kinda-two. Yes, workarounds...

Comment: Re:denial as a negotiation tactic (Score 1) 666

by Atzanteol (#48870163) Attached to: US Senate Set To Vote On Whether Climate Change Is a Hoax

This is why I feel scientists and others need to distance policy decisions from the science of climate change. Get the facts accepted first. Worry about policy afterwards. After all - that *is* the area of politics (for better or for worse).

Heck - maybe Republicans would offer a very good market-based solution once they get on board with the science? We can't know until they do.

Comment: Re:Yawn (Score 3, Interesting) 556

You seem to be confusing "I don't care about it" with "it's not newsworthy." Your strongest argument is "they have the right to do it."

Well damn - nothing ever newsworthy involves somebody doing something they have the right to do? So if they start publishing pro-nazi propaganda that's not "newsworthy?"

The very fact that people are discussing the issue makes it newsworthy - your apathy notwithstanding.

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