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Comment: Re:Network transparency of X has always impressed (Score 1) 204

by Atzanteol (#47273377) Attached to: X Window System Turns 30 Years Old

One of the beauties of X11 has been the fact that the application programmer typically does not even have to /plan/ for network transparency

That's simply not true. It's very easy to write an application using X11 that works reasonably well with a local view but performs *terribly* when running remotely. You definitely need to take these cases into consideration when developing your application.

Sure - you don't need to make special calls in order to get network transparency - but these days nobody does. RDP and other OS-level remote desktoping things will do that for any application - and often better.

I remember the glory days of X and showing coworkers how cool it was that I could work remotely from a machine with ease. But these days X11 just sucks compared to other remote desktop offerings - especially over high-latency connections.

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