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by AttillaTheNun (#46483475) Attached to: Conservation Communities Takes Root Across US

No doubt, if they persist with the status quo.

Is Tucson much different than Phoenix? Check this out:

Brad Lancaster has been showing how water harvesting techniques can not only make it work in Arizona, but on a larger scale actually recharge aquifers and restore waterscapes to reverse desertification in arid climates.

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You can't compare industrial farming economics to a local community polyculture farm. It's a completely different game. I would argue the local CSA model is far more sustainable than industrial ag, and this is a clear example.

Industrial Ag requires thousands of acres of subsidized monocrop, big machinery, expensive seed (thanks to Monsanto), expensive fertilizer, transportation, and low-wage farmers and crop pickers to make a profit. It's an industry supported by big ag corporations and (thanks to their lobby efforts) government to maximize profit for the few at the top of the chain. The farmers and crop pickers are the last in line, as far as the revenue stream.

A CSA puts money in the farmers and crop workers first, works within and supports the local community. That's why it works, that's why it's sustainable, and expect to see more of them because the local food movement has legs, not because it's a fad, but because it is rooted in a sustainable design model.

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Nothing Funny about it - I agree wholeheartedly.

I made it through the first 35 years of my life without drinking coffee. I figured if I was going to jump in, it would be for an appreciation of quality, not a dose of medical-grade caffeine from the corner drive-through.

A good cup of Joe is an experience that deserves some time and attention. It's not a difficult skill and doesn't require high-end equipment, just good beans and a grinder. You can get a great cup unfiltered to retain all of its qualities from either a french press ($20 or less) or a simple, but quality espresso maker ($150 or less).

These pod makers are ridiculous and now you see the inkjet marketing model in action.

+ - Reversing Desertification with Gabions->

Submitted by AttillaTheNun
AttillaTheNun (618721) writes "Gabions are rocks and small boulders packed into a wire basket to combat soil erosion on the side of steep slopes. But to Geoff Lawton, they are more commonly used to pacify storm water in a flash flood event and to build soil in strategic locations in the Middle East. They can even be used to reverse desertification in dry lands and be a positive influence on the environment."
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In this day and age, there is no need to go to war with an entire nation to remove in inhumane and oppressive regime.
Go to war with the leaders and only the leaders. The U.N. needs a tactical and surgical response. Use intelligence, snipers, spies, drones, DNA biological agents, laser-equipped frogs, ... whatever it takes. Just take them down quietly, one at a time, no press statements, warnings or threats.
They'll eventually lose their nerve.

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Yeah, "The Qatar plant—which is supported by Qatari fertilizer companies Yara International and Qafco"

If one really wants to discuss the possibilities behind "Greening the Dessert", Geoff Lawton is blazing a far more promising path:

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I resemble this remark, but I don't think I'm the target audience of these graphic card vendors. The only game I currently play is DOTA on the Warcraft III engine, under wine on Linux Mint 14 on an AMD64 system I assembled around 2005 that includes a Radeon 9500 or 9600.
I don't meet the system requirements for DOTA2 on Steam, so I'm guess I need to upgrade some time in the next couple of years.

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