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Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 392

Hence heavy fines to the corporation + criminal prosecution to the executives responsible. When it comes to corporations, you need a deterrent that works for both the corporation (and shareholders), as well as the individuals involved.

As it stands, VW has already done significant damage to their brand. I've yet to hear anything about personal (executive) accountability for these illegal actions, which is a serious concern.

Comment Criminal Prosecution (Score 1) 392

Add criminal prosecution with appropriate fines and jail time to the most senior manager(s) and executives who approved the implementation of the software. I'm sick and tired of immoral individuals hiding behind the corporate shield of invulnerability. Somebody approved this and made an illegal and immoral decision. They need to be held accountable.

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 904

I understand you points. I wasn't assuming or prescribing anything, My comment was a reflection on just how deep the culture of car ownership has influenced our lives in ways few even question. Entire industries, from dealerships and insurance to filling-station convenience stores, are vested in personal car ownership.

Comment Re: Oh for fucks sake (Score 1) 615

The gut reaction to the term "socialism" and its association to the iron curtain communist meanies, without an understanding of what a social democracy truly represents, is exactly why the 1% neo-cons are now dictating the political and economic policies of North America - to the detriment of the majority of its citizens.

Comment Re:Lesson for workers : Keep skills sharp (Score 1) 636

And most people still vote in favour of politicians who clearly are working for these CEOs and their cronies, not the average citizen. Before you can reasonably expect things to change, the public first needs to wake the f up and stop (re)electing these clowns. We're still a very long way from that, as most people still hold firm to the notion that "their party" deserves their vote.

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