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Comment: Re:WT everlovin F ? (Score 0) 775

Exactly WHAT makes Eve Ensler an expert on sex slaves? Would it not have been more useful to get someone who has worked for an extended period of time with women who had been sex slaves?
What I am saying is that I have seen enough of what Eve Ensler has promoted in the past to know that she has an agenda and everything she touches serves to advance that agenda.

Comment: Re:Fuck you. (Score 1) 616

by Attila Dimedici (#49712207) Attached to: Editor-in-Chief of the Next Web: Adblockers Are Immoral
I think you take the point to far, but I agree with you in principle. I did not get an adblocker until ads started to get so intrusive that I had to interact with the ad before I could read the content I had visited the site for in the first place. I do not object to ads which are on the side of the page, or even in the middle of the page, as long as they do not obscure the content. Even magazines now all come with intrusive ads. They have ads throughout them on different paper than the rest of the magazine so that when you try to flip through the magazine it always opens on an ad. To find an specific article you have to turn page by page from the closest ad (it used to be you could flip the magazine open to the somewhere close, then flip through the pages til you got there, or at least to within a page or two).

Comment: Re:WT everlovin F ? (Score 4, Insightful) 775

Good grief, dude. Not everything has some deep underlying 'message'.

Well, I would agree with you...except, they brought in the author of the 'Vagina Monologues", Eve Ensler, to consult on making the film. You do not bring her in unless you are putting in some deep underlying message which she would approve of. For that matter, Eve Ensler would not have consented to consult on the film unless she agreed with the message.

Comment: Re:hardly surprising (Score 1) 649

I should point out that the main point of my post was to give a description of the two viewpoints that was almost as far to the conservative side as your original post was to the liberal side.

OH yes, look how well those "smart" people have solved the problems of Baltimore and Detroit. Liberals have been running those cities for as long as I have been alive, yet the problems keep getting worse. Perhaps it is time to try something different?
As for your example of the DC metro area, perhaps you have not noticed, but the overwhelming majority of the people living there are liberals and vote for the Democratic Party.

Comment: Re:hardly surprising (Score 1) 649

Actually, if you look at the policies supported by the Koch brothers (as opposed to the propaganda about what they support) those policies make it easier for people to take care of themselves. Perhaps you mistook the Koch brothers for George Soros, Tom Steyer, or Herbert and Marion Sandler.

Comment: Re:hardly surprising (Score 1) 649

Your description of the "stereotypical" views of liberals vs conservatives is the LIBERAL view of the two positions. Here is a different take: Conservatives are stereotypically the party that wants to reduce government to its basic functions (maintaining order, providing for the common defense, etc) and prefer to spend tax money on essential infrastructure (roads, police, military) leaving everything else up to associations of private citizens because they believe that most people are able to care for themselves and that the best way to care for those who can't do so is for private individuals to address the issue on a case by case basis.
Liberals are stereotypically the party that wants progressive solutions to everything, and prefer spending tax money making the bulk of the people dependent on the government and unable to take care of themselves so that the elites can enjoy a lavish lifestyle at the expense of everyone else.

Comment: Re:Not really about lie detectors per se (Score 1) 245

Having sex or not with Monica Lewinsky had beans to do with whether he forced himself on Jennifer Flowers...

Way to go on trying to mislead people about what happened. Bill Clinton did not perjure himself in a lawsuit about forcing himself on Jennifer Flowers (which of course never happened, since Jennifer Flowers was the woman he had a several years affair with).
However, Bill Clinton DID perjure himself in the case where Paula Jones sued him for sexual harassment. That was why his law license was suspended and why he was held in contempt of court. As to the woman he forced himself on, the only one I know of for sure was Juanita Broderick. The Anonymous Coward who replied to you did a much more thorough rebuttal of your post.

Comment: Re:Not for animals or locations (Score 1) 186

I'm reminded of hurricanes and how the public viewed them in the US prior to the introduction of the modern naming convention, ...

Considering that naming hurricanes dates back to at least `1825 I think you are mistaken. More importantly, our current system dates back to just after World War II (although the naming convention has changed several times since then). Which means that the practice of naming hurricanes was instituted at the same time that we instituted a practice of tracking them so as to give advance warning and call for evacuation on anything other than a local scale. Basically, before we started naming hurricanes you were unlikely to know one was coming far enough in advance to make reasonable plans for evacuation. There are complicated reasons why people have changed how they react to evacuation warnings regarding hurricanes, but naming hurricanes plays an insignificant rile in that change.

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