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Stop the blocade of Gaza.

In other words, allow those bent on the destruction of Israel to acquire weapons with which to attack Israel and freely move them to locations where they can be used to attack Israel. Before this latest outbreak of violence, Israel had been convinced to ease the restrictions on importing cement into Gaza because of "shortages" of cement for building there. It turns out that the reason there was a shortage of cement in Gaza was because Hamas was using most of it to build tunnels into Israel with the intention of launching surprise attacks into areas of Israel that did not have defenses. In the tunnels, which ended near several Israeli civilian communities, they found weapons, ropes, blindfolds and knockout drugs. So, you are saying that Israel should allow Hamas a free hand to import those goods they need in order to attack Israel.
Israel has tried to move toward what you are proposing. They have offered to negotiate a Palestinian state. However, those representing the Palestinians have always stated that they would start negotiating when Israel concedes to all of their demands (in other words, concede to all of our current demands as a starting point to negotiate towards satisfying whatever demands we think up later).

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Are you claiming that Hamas does not seek the destruction of Israel? Are you claiming that Israel should be content to be attacked by those seeking its destruction just because those doing so do not, yet, have sufficient power to succeed? It seems to me that you are saying that Israel should allow the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank to acquire military power until they are sufficiently powerful to conceivably accomplish their goal of destroying Israel. Only then would you be OK with Israel defending itself, once it may be too late to actually do so.

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No group representing the Palestinian Arabs has ever entered into good faith negotiations with Israel. As to being economically strangled, just exactly what is Israel supposed to do about territories whose people elect officials who are part of one of two organizations which have, as part of their documents of organization, a statement declaring that their goal is the destruction of the nation of Israel?
Israel's economic blockade of Gaza and the West Bank did not precede the Arabs hostility to Israel, it is a reaction to that hostility. Over the last year or so, Israel has increased the amount of cement that they allowed to be imported into Gaza because of complaints about shortages of cement necessary for building. It turns out that the reason there was a shortage of cement is that Hamas was using the cement to build tunnels into Israel in order to launch a surprise attack.

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I am saying that when one fights a war, one should fight to win in as short a time as possible. The only way to win a war is convince the civilian population of the other side that any price they might have to pay is better than for the war to continue.
You make two mistakes. The first is that you believe that Israel killing civilians will not stop Hamas. At some point, if Israel makes things horrific enough for the civilians after a Hamas attack, the civilians will stop supporting Hamas and instead report them to the IDF. Second, you seem to believe that Israel targets civilians, they do not. Israel targets military targets, which have been intentionally placed so as to maximize civilian casualties when Israel inevitably destroys them.
If you want to understand what I am talking about, read about what the French did after WWII in the parts of Germany which they occupied. The Nazis did not stop fighting with the fall of Berlin. They attempted to continue fighting a war of terror against the Allies. The Allies were ruthless in how they dealt with civilian populations among which they found the Nazis who continued to fight.

it appears that you do not care if those casualties that you wish to inflict are against valid military targets or against civilians. Is that correct?

No, that is not correct. That would actually be the position of Hamas. For that matter, Hamas only mildly prefers that the civilian casualties be Israeli civilians. They are just as willing for the civilian casualties to be Arabs living in territories they nominally govern. Hamas actively promotes civilian casualties among the Arab population, as long as they can blame it on the Israelis. They will even inflict those casualties if they believe that Israel will get the blame.

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Read up on Sherman's March to the Sea or about German and Japanese casualties during WWII. From the standpoint of fighting a war for survival, which the state of Israel is doing (read the stated goals of Hamas and other Arab organizations which are waging wars of terror against Israel), Israel has inflicted insufficient casualties on the Palestinian Arabs. For that matter, why should Israel be condemned just because they do everything they can to protect their civilians, while their opponents do everything they can to maximize casualties among their own civilians? Hamas, and other Arab groups fighting against Israel, intentionally take actions so as to maximize the deaths of civilians, and particularly children. They store the missiles they fire at Israeli civilians in schools and hospitals. They use civilians, including children, as human shields while firing on Israeli soldiers. It is Hamas that is responsible for the death toll of civilians in Palestine.

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You ask a very good question, and it is a very good one. If the contractor screwed up, he should get fired. However, the failure to fire the private contractor is not a problem with privatization, but with government. As an example, the VA administrators who went beyond screwing up to active misconduct not only did not get fired, they received bonuses...and their bosses initially attempted to claim that those bonuses could not be withdrawn.

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Umm, have you paid attention to what the people in charge on the Palestinian side of this have done, and are doing? You know, things like killing people for being homosexual? Such that Arabs who have homosexual desires often seek, and receive, asylum in Israel. Or perhaps you have not noticed that their compatriots is Iraq have mandated female genital mutilation in at least one city which they control? Perhaps you have not noticed that the Syrian government has killed more Arabs this year than Israel has, by a wide margin?

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No, the assumption is that when the private operator screws up he will get fired and replaced. This is unlike someone protected by the Civil Service Act, who is next to impossible to fire. The template of most in the privatization crowd (excepting those who are really just pushing to move that money to their cronies) is that the private operator will have greater incentive to avoid screwing up in order to avoid getting fired, while the "civil servant" has no such fear. Whether or not that template is accurate is another question entirely.
Apparently you are unaware of this basic economic principle which those who push privatization take as a basic assumption.

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Well, actually, yes. Oh, they don't word it that way and they do not tell you to switch ISPs. They do however tell you to contact your ISP if you want to access the website. I forget the exact wording because a month after telling me that my complaint against ESPN's practice was completely unwarranted since they did not pay for ESPN360 access, my ISP proudly informed me that I could now access a website I had no interest in because they had agreed to pay ESPN's extortion.

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