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Comment: Re:"They" is us (Score 1) 320

I do not misunderstand my place. I think you misunderstand how it works when the mob picks up their pitchforks. If you live comfortably, You seem to think that when the revolution happens that you will be left alone.
There seem to be two mistakes that you are falling into. First, you overestimate how much money it takes to be in the 1%. Second, you think the mob will limit itself to attacking the 1%. When the mob gets started, they will go after the 10% and probably the "30%". I am quite confident that we both fall into that last category.

Comment: Re:"They" is us (Score 1) 320

Further down you leave the impression that you believe that when the revolution happens and the mobs start going after the wealthy they are going to stop with the super-rich. That's not how it works. When the mob starts going after the rich, they are going to start with the merely richer than themselves and the obvious targets among the super-rich. The merely well-to-do are much easier targets than the super-rich.

Guess what? When the mobs start going after the wealthy to redistribute their wealth, you and I will be among their first targets.

Comment: Re:You see that too? (Score 1) 512

Their problem is that they perpetually need to replenish the underclass as it becomes depleted by people pulling themselves up into the middle or upper class.

Yes, but they have been working hard at stopping that with significant success over the last six years. The most interesting thing is that despite the actual evidence people believe this has happened despite the Democrats best efforts rather than because of their efforts. The Democrats say they want to help the poor and downtrodden and people take them at their word despite the constant evidence of the results of their policies.

Comment: Re:No way! (Score 2) 512

The only way to find someone who has no 'preconceived position' is to find someone who knows nothing about the topic.

Not really true. Plenty of people know nothing about biology and yet have plenty of preconceived notions about evolutionary theory. The only people without preconceived notions would be newborns.

No, it is definitely true. The person you replied to did NOT say that someone who knows nothing about the topic would not have a preconceived position, merely that ONLY a person who knows nothing about the topic MIGHT have no preconceived position.

Comment: Re:No way! (Score 1) 512

In other words, you want someone in that post who does not know anything about the subject. Anyone in the Senate long enough to get this position is going to have formed an opinion on the subject of H-1B visas unless they have been intentionally ignoring the subject. It is not as if Senator Sessions is coming into this position not knowing anything about the subject. He has been on this committee in the past.

Comment: Re:Except of course the story was FALSE (Score 2) 418

Except that he did not SPEAK to the racist group. He spoke to a neighborhood civic know the types of groups which campaigning politicians speak at 5 or 6 a day? The fact that the chairman of that group was a friend of David Duke and had scheduled the David Duke group to meet at the same hotel later that day is not something you can reasonably expect either the Congressman (state legislator at the time) or his aids to know. If they had looked into the background of the civic association at whose meeting he was asked to meet, they would have discovered nothing except a normal neighborhood association. Why would they have looked into who else was meeting in that hotel later that day? My source by the way is the Times-Picayune and I gave the link further up the thread. Furthermore, I do not see any of these people fussing about President Obama associating with Al Sharpton, a much more virulent racist than David Duke (after all, I have never seen any allegations that David Duke stirred up violent protests which led to someone being killed , whereas Al Sharpton has no done it at least twice).

Comment: Except of course the story was FALSE (Score 1, Informative) 418

Except of course that it turns out that Steve Scalise never spoke at the event sponsored by David Duke. Rather he spoke at an event held by a local civic association (or neighborhood group) at the same hotel where the David Duke group would later meet on the same day.

Comment: Re:Spoofing! (Score 1) 199

Define this new economic structure and we can discuss its possible merits as well as its possible flaws. So far, every one of the "new economic structures" I have seen proposed are actually recycled versions of old economic structures which failed. Your ideas may be different, but until you tell us what they are, we cannot know.

My experience is that most of the problems with our current system are a result of things implemented in the name of "a new economic structure". Things which just made the problems they claimed to be designed to fix worse.

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