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by Attila Dimedici (#47440225) Attached to: A Skeptical View of Israel's Iron Dome Rocket Defense System
I am so glad you brought that up because I was reading a post elsewhere earlier today when I realized a problem with many of the people who cry "ad hominem fallacy" in arguments. The poster you responded to pointed out that the article does not contain any actual data, just the opinion of "expert(s)". When considering arguments made by someone who does not provide any actual data, it is entirely relevant to consider the credibility of the person who is making the argument. If that person, or organization, has been known to distort facts in order to support their position, it throws into doubt the validity of the claim they are currently making.

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Well, yes, Obama could have fired Eric Holder, but despite not doing so, he got re-elected. If he was the head of a corporation and did something similar, I could choose to not do business with the corporation. I cannot choose to not do business with the U.S. government without moving out of the country, and even then I might still have to do business with it.

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It is amazing how many people seem to have forgotten what this thread is about. It is about whether it is better to have powerful corporations which I can chose not to do business with or a government which can theoretically be voted out of office. So, let's ask this another way. Which is easier? Not doing business with Comcast if I decide that their terms of service, price, and invasion of my privacy are not worth it in order to have access to the Internet? Or voting the government out of office in such a way as to actually change the DHS which I don't like for more or less the same reasons?
People seem to forget that if I am willing to do without the products or services a particular company provides, I can easily not do business with them. On the other hand, it is very hard to actually vote a change in the government (possible, but very hard).

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