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Comment Re:The 'intellect' of the Sunni extremists.. (Score 1) 329

I did not say that no Christian would be pining for the end of the world (as a matter of fact, Christians should be doing so). I said that orthodox Christian theology holds that nothing we do can bring it about. On the other hand, orthodox Muslim theology holds that it is the duty of every Muslim to attempt to bring about the end of the world.

There exist fringe Christians who believe that they can bring about the end of the world, just as there are fringe Muslims who believe that it is not their job to do so. The difference being which group is the fringe.

Comment Re:The 'intellect' of the Sunni extremists.. (Score 1) 329

They are not really the equivalent, since orthodox Christian theology teaches that Armageddon is not something we can bring about. It will happen when it happens (and the times leading up to it will be pretty horrific, so only an idiot would desire to live in them--repeat, this is the perspective of orthodox Christian theology concerning Armageddon). On the other hand, orthodox Muslim theology teaches that it is every Muslim's duty to do whatever he can to bring about Armageddon (although various strains suggest that, if you are not living in the times leading up to Armageddon it is OK to live a peaceful life) and that Armageddon is something which can be hurried.

Comment Re:Fact check or PC checking? (Score 1) 337

More importantly, using the word "workers" signals that these slaves did work that would otherwise need to be done by free labor. It tells you something about the economics of the slave trade.

It is also worth noting that not all workers are slaves and not all slaves are workers (for example, almost all gladiators in ancient Rome were slaves, but we would not normally class gladiators as workers).

Comment Re:Protein from plants, not animals (Score 1, Informative) 381

A "complete protein" is one which provides all of the amino acids which the human body is unable to manufacture from other substances. As a general rule (I am unaware of any exceptions, but there may be a very few), foods derived from plants are missing one or more of those amino acids.

Comment Re:fighting carbon pollution? (Score 2) 369

The Koch bros must be mighty pissed off right about now.

Maybe it'll pop your bubble, but they're probably delighted, given that they have big investments in the rail transport system that's profiting hugely from transporting oil. As someone once said, "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

Which is both true and interesting, since, despite having investments which profit from not building the pipeline, the Koch brothers did lobby for it being built. This is not the first example of where the Koch brothers lobbied against their "interests". They have, overall, followed an investment strategy where they will profit if the U.S. government follows what they claim to believe is best for the country, without being so foolish as to follow an investment strategy where they will be hurt by their preferred policy not being enacted.

Comment Re:Speaking of a different RPG (Score 1) 321

That is because Shadowrun is a "dangerous" world where people become "adventurers" or die. D&D is a world where ordinary people live ordinary lives (except for the fact that there is magic and monsters). Average people do not generally become adventurers...but every town of any significant size would have several NPCs of sufficiently high level to put start off PCs in their place rather easily. If the PCs can get away with raping and pillaging in the local town, that is the DMs fault. If the PCs start to get out of line in that way, it is a simple matter to introduce a group of NPCs sufficiently powerful to put them down.

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