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GM Patents Data Mining Method For Refining the Chevy Volt 113

An anonymous reader writes "A patent application published yesterday may show an important tool that GM is using to refine future models of the Volt and especially the future size of the Volt's battery. The application is directed to uploading driving habit data from a plurality of vehicles to a remote server via a telematics system (e.g., such as GM's OnStar) and then providing alternate fuel-related analysis based on different vehicle profiles (e.g., an EV with a 40-mile range). The application contemplates that this analysis may be valuable to vehicle designers or to operators for comparison purposes."

Comment Re:Don't believe everything you read (Score 1) 484

Stealth doesn't have anything to do with being hit with an unguided RPG. RPG's are a pot shot weapon, fire and forget. No guidance, No avionics, no control capabilities. What evidence do you have that the helicopter was hit by an RPG? There were no accounts of this at all.

Way to join the conjecture (because that's all any of this is), but really?

Comment Radar signatures (Score 1) 484

Humans with parachutes can actually have a larger radar signature than most modern stealth aircraft. Typically a stealth jet is attributed to the radar signature of a bird or smaller (perhaps an unladen african swallow?). No clue about a helicopter with stealth features, but it's safe to say that it's likely similar.

Comment Re:funny and ironic (Score 1) 446

I was out hiking with my DSLR (I'm not a professional but consider myself a seasoned photographer) and here is the exchange that went down:

Random guy with a DSLR: I wish I hadn't spent the money on mine when my little handheld takes much better pictures for cheaper...

Me: ... Uh yeah, sure.

Random guy with DSLR: ::walks off::

Wife: Some people really shouldn't be allowed to touch an SLR.

People need to realize that they really don't need an SLR when all they are doing is turning it into a giant automatic snapshot camera. Woo, I'm a pro because my lenses can detach and I can set it on the mountain mode or portrait mode. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge gadget guy, but at least people need to have some perspective on what they're buying and learn how to use it.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 142

I slaved in a grocery store at that age for meager wages, working with morons for managers, and probably violating many OSHA codes for age-related work. I paid for gas, insurance, and taking a girl out on dates. I'd call that pretty disposable because none of those are required for a teenager - just strongly desired.

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