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Comment: Re:Racism is a cause, (Score 0) 474

by AtomicBison (#42790325) Attached to: Racism In Online Ad Targeting

The problem is that it re-enforces the stereotype and actually does cause certain behaviour.

Wouldn't this extend out to every ad? If I search for tech related terms, they are reinforcing the tech stereotype by giving me more tech ads. You've placed a line arbitrarily in the sand with race. If everyone were truly treated equally, wouldn't ads NOT cater to the individual?

Comment: Perfectry Regal (Score 1) 514

by AtomicBison (#42692563) Attached to: Lego Accused of Racism With Star Wars Set

As-ah you know, their brockade of Rego is-ah perfectry regal.

Far be it from Lucas ever to put something culturally insensitive in his movies....As stated by others, this really shouldn't have been an issue. LucasArts designed it, it's only vaguely similar, and everyone can just stop being dumb at any point now.

Comment: Re:Next (Score 1) 298

Realistically, we should be able to subscribe to cable channels in a modular fashion. Then your bill [in perfect theorycraft] shouldn't be all that large unless you wanted to subscribe to all those channels. Do I want sports, mass news, reality, talk show, or 99% of the channels I have? No! But I pay for them anyways because the two channels I do want to watch require I pay for them. It's time to redesign the system in my opinion. I know it can't go completely modular, but the current system is FUBAR.

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