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Comment: Snowden probably took copies with him (Score 1) 200

by Atmchicago (#47908897) Attached to: New Details About NSA's Exhaustive Search of Edward Snowden's Emails
If Snowden was able to download so many documents that weren't his, you can bet that he was able to make a backup of his own e-mail. Will this be the same pattern where the NSA coughs up a lie and then finds themselves soundly contradicted a few months later?

Comment: Both a supply crunch and falling prices? (Score 2) 249

by Atmchicago (#47697887) Attached to: The Cost of Caring For Elderly Nuclear Plants Expected To Rise
How is there simultaneously a supply crunch and drop in prices? If there is a crunch, then prices will be raised until demand drops to an appropriate level, or more capacity will be built... unless major market distortions are in play which disrupt this relationship. I don't get it.

Comment: Maybe... (Score 1) 322

by Atmchicago (#47520197) Attached to: Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

Good: Plug phone into dock, phone interface disappears, desktop interface comes up. Unplug phone, and it reverts. You carry all your files with you. You go to a dumb monitor + keyboard + mouse anywhere and *poof* you have your desktop with you, and it's online because your phone has data. Yeah, it'll be a bit slow - so don't do heavy number crunching and you're fine. And they'll need to make it impossible to run phone apps in desktop mode or vice versa. Some things must be disallowed (although crafty software could intelligently flip between the two).

Bad: phone has desktop interface; or desktop has phone interface.

Which will it be?

Comment: Who controls the past controls the future... (Score 2) 64

by Atmchicago (#47477297) Attached to: Bing Implements Right To Be Forgotten
This is a big step towards re-writing history. It begins with ignoring it, or by actively hiding it. I give it 1 year before we hear of attempts by politicians to cover embarrasing stories that are relevant information to the public, or before corporations hide unpleasant past events such as oil spills (corporations are people too, these days). True, search engines aren't the sole gateways to information, but nowadays people assume that if something isn't found on the first search results page it's probably not important.

Comment: Exports for a struggling economy (Score 1) 522

by Atmchicago (#46991327) Attached to: Russia Bans US Use of Its Rocket Engines For Military Launches

This might really hurt Russia. The Soviet Union struggled to stay apace with technology, and Russia has too since the collapse of the USSR. Space technology was one area where Russia could make money and truly claim to be among the best. If they're not careful this might kill off one of their few chances for profitable exports in the world economy.

Comment: Not stealing (Score 2) 573

by Atmchicago (#45870463) Attached to: Counterpoint: Why Edward Snowden May Not Deserve Clemency
He copied the documents but did not deprive the NSA of them. He only copied them and did not steal them. This is the same distinction that must be made when discussing copyright violations. It seems like a small point, but the thievery elicits much stronger emotional responses than copying does, and some are making deliberate efforts to paint Snowden in as bad a light as possible. Please, let's use the correct term.

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