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Lord of the Rings

+ - Medium Rare And Back Again: A cookbook featuring food from the world of Tolkien->

Submitted by
AssFace writes: ""Have you ever dreamed of what Bilbo's pork pies actually taste like? Does Sam's coney stew sound wonderful? Do you share Gollum's affection for sushi-grade fish? If Balrogs had wings, what would they taste like?"

A Kickstarter where someone wants to create a cookbook (and more — see the link) based on Tolkien's Hobbit/LoTR series.

Also a write-up/interview over on Wired."

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Comment: Re:I'm more curious who did their QA (Score 1) 405

by Ath (#28779625) Attached to: Most Expensive JavaScript Ever?
Umm, they obviously did know about Opera because they explicitly redirected it to a file called error.html. That's the key part of the story. We don't know if Opera would have ruled out the vendor simply because the administration interface didn't function properly in the Opera browser. It was that the vendor explicitly blocked the use of Opera, even though it might have worked just fine.

Comment: Re:So who was it ?? not (Score 1) 405

by Ath (#28779509) Attached to: Most Expensive JavaScript Ever?
Lack of using standards is as much the fault of the IT people who choose products and technologies as the vendors who sell them. The number of times that IT staff either don't consider whether the product uses standards - or worse they intentionally choose proprietary solutions because they like the vendor - exceeds the imagination. It's as much a demand problem as a supply. In this instance, the potential customer was the vendor who was being locked out so it kind of bit the manufacturer on the ass.

Comment: Re:It seems ironic... (Score 1) 1147

by Ath (#27284483) Attached to: Ballmer Scorns Apple As a $500 Logo
No, that's not true. It's very possible that some terms are enforceable and valid while other terms are not. Apple takes a risk in trying to enforce the "on Apple hardware only" clause, and I am sure even their own lawyers have cautioned against risking a judgment which states that this clause is not enforceable. I say this as a Mac user and a promoter of Apple products. That doesn't mean I think a company should get carte blanche authority to determine how its products can be used. If you want to fully control something, don't sell it as a product on the market.

Comment: Re:Is there a gas leak in here? (Score 1) 1147

by Ath (#27284423) Attached to: Ballmer Scorns Apple As a $500 Logo
How is it that when someone expresses an opinion that they consider Apple to be worth it, that's "fanatical" but when you express the opposite it's just a reasoned difference of opinion? Whackos are everywhere, and I don't notice any difference in the volume of devout Windows lovers who troll Mac forums than the number of Mac zealots who troll Windows forums.

+ - OCD, Movies, and You->

Submitted by
stenz writes: "MovieStamper allows one to track timestamps within a movie — adding tags, comments, and screenshots. Finally something for those with obsessive compulsive disorder and who happen to love movies. Want to track all scenes with a dog in them? A pig? Brad Pitt? Or where in a movie a gun shows up? Or a certain type of gun? Or if that isn't NSFW enough, then various bodyparts?"
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Comment: Re:Dose (Score 1) 381

by AssFace (#14882395) Attached to: Coffee Maybe Not a Health Drink!
One of my relatives had a stroke and afterwards she is now always thirsty. At first, nobody caught on to this and she drank herself near to death, just with water - exactly as you said, she broke the balance of electrolytes in her system.
Now it all has to be closely monitored as to how much she has had to drink, and yet she is always thirsty - must be an awful feeling.
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Journal: Been a long time since I rock and rolled

Journal by AssFace
It has also been a long time since I posted in this journal.

I have this idea that I want to get geek feedback on. I will post it here in this journal in the hopes that smart folks will read it and laugh at me. I am contemplating submitting a version of it to Ask Slashdot to get even more feedback.

The idea:
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Journal: Scrabble

Journal by AssFace

I have largely been using my LiveJournal page ( instead of this page as my journal. But I just finished something sufficiently dorky that it is likely better suited for here for a bit - then will later discuss it more in depth there and then also post up the source code to PerlMonks.

I have been trying to figure out how many possible game boards there are for the game Scrabble. It is a far from infinite number, but it is a huge ass number.

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