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New Advance Confines GMOs To the Lab Instead of Living In the Wild 130

Posted by timothy
from the we've-decided-to-put-this-in-everyone dept.
BarbaraHudson (3785311) writes In Jurassic Park, scientists tweak dinosaur DNA so that the dinosaurs were lysine-deficient in order to keep them from spreading in the wild. Scientists have taken this one step further as a way to keep genetically modified E. coli from surviving outside the lab. In modifying the bacteria's DNA to thwart escape, two teams altered the genetic code to require amino acids not found in nature. One team modified the genes that coded for proteins crucial to cell functions so that that produced proteins required the presence of the synthetic amino acid in the protein itself. The other team focused on 22 genes deemed essential to a bacterial cell's functions and tied the genes' expression to the presence of synthetic amino acids. For the bacteria to survive, these synthetic amino acids had to be present in the medium on which the bacteria fed. In both cases, the number of escapees was so small as to be undetectable."

Comment: Re:Just keep it away from Gentoo and I'm good (Score 1) 551

by Assmasher (#48829687) Attached to: Systemd's Lennart Poettering: 'We Do Listen To Users'

No he doesn't. He addresses a specific negative attribution about systemd in that it is anti-UNIX because it keeps everything in one repository. He doesn't claim that this is the only reason anyone states it is anti-UNIX.

He's certainly being selective in what he is addressing, but surely he can't be expected to discuss everything anyone ever complained about involving systemd in this interview...?

Comment: Re:Huh (Score 2) 279

Why aren't weapon systems modular allowing for easy upgrade? No money in that?

They are modular, and explicitly intended for upgrades. Easy? That depends upon your definition of 'easy' - if you don't mind spending money, it's easy.

And why use human pilots for combat craft, a drone could accelerate and turn under massive G forces and still function where a human would black out.

Response time, situational awareness, the difficulty is maintaining a connection during electronic warfare, et cetera, ad nauseum. I think that there are quite a few mission profiles that would suite remote operation, but air superiority isn't one of them (not yet.)

1st: make a fast, sturdy air frame with a reliable engine, 2nd make all electronics and weapons modular easy to replace and upgrade, 3rd get rid of the human.

Like the WOPR? ;)

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