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Comment: Just setup a VPN in the UAE for voice.... (Score 1) 215

by AsnFkr (#33482890) Attached to: Dubai's Police Chief Calls BlackBerry a Spy Tool
Hilariously, I'm in the UAE at the moment and wanted to call my Dad (who is in the states) from my Skype account to his cell phone. Unfortunately, the UAE blocks Skype -> phone (oddly Skype -> Skype works fine) calls so I just used logmein to connect to a XP box I have in the states, flip on the VPN setting, forward the ports on the router and then connect to it from my win7 box here in the UAE thus mading the call with no troubles. Took 5 minutes total, and I had never once made a VPN if they are trying to stop terrorist activity or whatever they are going to need to try harder.

Comment: Moon walker desktop (Score 2, Interesting) 384

by AsnFkr (#33405374) Attached to: Icons on my (computer) desktop:
So, A few years ago I went and saw Jack Schmitt ( )give a presentation. When he was setting up, he hooked his personal laptop to a projector and fired it up, when it booted we saw this: It's a damn mystery we ever made it to the moon, that's for certain.

Comment: Re:Hooray (Score 1) 289

by AsnFkr (#26339449) Attached to: Tooth Regeneration Coming Soon
I gnash my teeth while asleep.

Seriously go get an occlusal guard. I went for a long time without one due to not having insurance/not having spare cash, and now due to the grinding I have a tooth that was fractured above the gumline that became infected. They had to slice a flap in my gums to get to the damaged region, then because the damage was so progressed it required a root canal which was the worst experience of my life due to the tooth being "hot" (read: It was numbed properly but I could still feel all the work being done). All this even after I meticulously care for my teeth on a twice-a-day regiment. It's frustrating.

Comment: Re:Any way you slice it.... (Score 0, Troll) 302

by AsnFkr (#26271023) Attached to: Breaking Down the Dropping Parts Cost for Sony's PS3
Are you nuts? The person who buys a PS3 as only a Bluray player is NOT who they want to buy it, as Sony will never make back the money they lost selling the unit to them as that consumer will never buy any additional items for it outside of the PS3 DvD/Bluray controller for it. That said, I have a Ps3 and I like it a lot.

Recording Music Without the Recording Industry 234

Posted by kdawson
from the free-as-in-tracks dept.
hephaist0s writes "The 2008 RPM Challenge — to write and record an original album in February, just because you can — is about to begin. Hundreds of musicians from around the world have already signed up. Last year, more than 850 albums were recorded as part of the challenge, a testament to what can be done by independent musicians without a label, without the RIAA, and often without a professional studio. The efforts ranged from an album made entirely on a Nintendo Game Boy to a Speed Racer rock opera, produced by both experienced bands and novice musicians, often in continent-spanning online collaborations. Last year's challenge generated one of the largest free jukeboxes of original music available online, built to stream on-demand all 8500-plus original, artist-owned songs. Imagine if grassroots, independent systems like this foretold the future of recorded music and its distribution."

How come financial advisors never seem to be as wealthy as they claim they'll make you?