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Comment Re:Why the fuck isn't Mozilla panicking?! (Score 1) 419

Mozilla moved themselves into the same position as Netscape. The "obsolete" position. The "We think we are too big to fail so we think we can do with our product whatever we want, fuck users" position.
I just installed Pale Moon. Firefox is gone. Just like Netscape was dead after 4.x and Mozilla took over, Firefox was dead after Australis and Pale Moon took over.

Comment At home or at work? (Score 2) 112

What if I have two workplaces, at home and at work? My workplace at work is clean. Partly governed by a clean-desk policy and the absence of any need for paperwork. At home it looks like a bomb exploded. I still need to submit an image of this to get my home workplace approved for out-of-office work, but I'm too embarrassed to do so.

Comment Re:Could you at least hint what "Pocket" is? (Score 1) 199

So, what is the problem having this as an addon? What you do in your house, I might not do in mine. So why clutter firefox up with things you like to do and most people don't when there is a perfectly working addon for it?

I have said this before and will say it again (lacking the ability to do so myself): Firefox needs to get forked and all the clutter needs to be removed.

Comment Re:Speed to blame says Guardian (Score 1) 129

I'm surprised they haven't been attacked before now

What do yo mean? Have you forgotten already the august 21 attack on the Thalys train?
In Germany there have been a number of attacks on railroads, most in connection with leftist terror groups.

But even though. It is probably hard to effect the same result. Even a major crash like the ICE at Eschede had less casualties than this Paris attack.

Comment Re:Australia complaint to UN (Score 1) 69

Get your facts straight. Just Google it.

NASA ignored it and local councillors decided to write it off. But with the 30th anniversary of the crash coming up, they erected billboards around Esperance reminding people of the outstanding debt. Now listeners to a US radio station have clubbed together to wipe the slate clean.

Comment There are too many silly people around. (Score 1) 406

Crackpots should be locked up. Then again, Chuck Lorre is a crackpot too (or something of similar persuasion, Charlie was right) so we wouldn't have such good humor on TV if they did.
Ok, crackpots should not have access to paper en pencil. Dang, that doesn't cover it either. Man, this is difficult.

Comment Single point of failure (Score 1) 150

There is a reason that vital reset commands need more than one action to complete. It would be a minor inconvenience if the router were to reboot when you press this button (by accident), but to have the complete configuration be wiped by this, and have it situated so that an involuntary application of said button is easy, is just epically stupid.
But ok. It's Cisco. You'd expect that from them.

Comment Re:Please (Score 1) 197

The torture of Theon falls under the "sensationalized cruelty" or at least mindless cruelty IMHO. Maybe I'm getting weak in my old age, but scenes like these (there were others, and I'm not talking about the blood wedding, which was just bad acting, especially from Fairley) I FFWD through. They were not my taste.
I have not read the novels so I can not comment on how much of this is George's work and how much is Benioff's and Weiss's idea, but GoT does get worse while the seasons progress and I have the idea that the first series were more George's creation and the later were more Benioff's and Weiss's and are written purpousfully for shock value. To put it like this: after the the first two seasons my feeling was "never let this end", now after season 5 my feeling is "it has run its course".
But that's just my opinion.

Comment Re:Anti drone nonsense (Score 1) 71

A burglar wouldn't draw attention to themselves like that, so that's just some rozzer trying to dream up anti-drone propaganda.

That's strange because the law enforcement office is very in favour of using drones (for surveillance). It would be very strange indeed if they falsely try to put the image in the general public that drones could possibly not be trusted. For me, this would be a perfect reason to just shoot every drone out of the sky because it's coming right at^H^H^H^H^H possibly a criminal drone.

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