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Comment: Isn't this Modern UI thing a throwback to DOS? (Score 1) 681

by Askmum (#47366931) Attached to: Windows 9 To Win Over Windows 7 Users, Disables Start Screen For Desktop
"The new desktop will allow Modern UI apps to run in windowed mode". Like... Windows 1.0, 2.0 3.0 will allow MS-DOS programs to run in windowed mode? Look, I get (a bit) that windows apps on a touchscreen device are hard to implement. Even though they break a proper GUI (I use android and I hate the fact that there are no windowed apps, especialy since tablets are getting the resolution to support it) I can accept that it is just difficult. But what in the hell are you thinking of implementing a non-windowed environment on a desktop. That's just... going backwards in time 20 years.

Comment: Re:Real-world conditions (Score 1) 238

by Askmum (#47097423) Attached to: Official MPG Figures Unrealistic, Says UK Auto Magazine
Not true. The NEDC has one cycle going up to 120 km/h, but even driving with a maximum of 90 km/h does not make one reach the official MPG figures. The problem is more that the NEDC is an artificial measurement created in an era that cars were lighter and less powerful. It is not an accurate representation of how people drive.

Comment: Re:Paltry (Score 1) 193

by Askmum (#47097403) Attached to: Bug In DOS-Based Voting Machines Disrupts Belgian Election
Not only can a paper voting system be hacked, incorrect or even malicious handling of paper ballots can have an effect on voting. Weblog organized a popular count of the vote for the EU elections on Thursday in the Netherlands. The government was not allowed by EU rules to release the total result before end of voting on sunday, but the Netherlands voted on Thursday. Because of Dutch law, an individual is allowed to observe the vote and can request a reading of the results.
Observed anomalies: voters having voted for a party and the party having 0 votes in the results. Or a counter leaving the room with ballots and returning again (with the ballots). No possibility to check what happened with those ballots during her absence.
From previous counts I have reports of tallies being added "to the wrong column" which resulted in votes for candidate #1 going to #2, votes for #2 going to #3, etc.

It bugs me that there are apparently one-count-only errors. If you count again, you would have caught those errors.

Comment: Re:USA, the land of freedom (Score 3, Interesting) 304

by Askmum (#47054189) Attached to: Why Lavabit Shut Down
There is a difference between spying on your citizens and ordering businesses to help you spy on citizens and in the process sue them, deprive them of justice and generally treat them like they are Bin Laden incarnated.
I'm sure there are not a whole lot of countries that would go that far. Maybe countries like North Korea, Cuba and yes, the USA.

Comment: Re:tl;dr (Score 1) 712

by Askmum (#46426149) Attached to: Are Bankers Paid Too Much? Are Technology CEOs?
We are currently on strike in our site of a US firm that basically invented everything about computers that we use now. Our bosses want to give us 0 extra but meanwhile the top brass divided $42.000.000 on bonusses between them. That's easily about 400 year's salaries worth for the people they want to give nothing to.

So: yes.

Comment: Re:Considering the news a few weeks back... (Score 1) 205

by Askmum (#46405963) Attached to: Child Porn Arrest For Cameron Aide Who Helped Plan UK Net Filters
It was my first thought after reading the last sentence from the report:

Rock faced embarrassment last year when he was photographed walking up Downing Street clutching a document outlining progress on hundreds of pledges made by the coalition. Ed Miliband said the document, which admitted that some of the 399 pledges had not been met, was an "audit of coalition broken promises".

He has embarrased the current government. So there is a reason to implicate him.
I for one don't believe off the bat that these charges are legitimate.

Comment: Re:Nice to have the choice (Score 1) 255

by Askmum (#46302089) Attached to: Ubuntu 14.04 Brings Back Menus In Application Windows
Well, I haven't liked Unity from the start. The fact that I do not have a list of the programs that are installed (like the windows start menu or the Gnome menu) is very upsetting. The fact that I have to know what I'm looking for in the dash to be able to look for it just doesn't work. I don't remember all the programs that I've installed on the computer?! Let alone know which ones were pre-installed.

Every time I install a new Ubuntu I go for the classic Gnome shell (which seems to have to be renamed in newer versions, because "we linux users are not afraid of change").
I'm sorry, but I don't want my UI to change drastically. Then I have to learn something new and I find myself to old to do this for trivial tasks like the use of my computer.

No, I also don't like or want to use Windows 8's metro interface or Office 2010's ribbon.

Comment: Re:BuzzDot...I mean SlashFeed, I mean UpNerds (Score 1) 124

by Askmum (#46243679) Attached to: How I Lost My Google Glass (and Regained Some Faith In Humanity)
If you have to seriously worry about how data on a device could upend your life, you should a) not keep that data on something you can loose so easily or b) keep it protected so that losing the device has no impact.

*Error* Faith in humanity not restored. Cancel, Retry or Ignore.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." - Bert Lantz