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Comment Re:I know a lot of this is cutting edge... (Score 1) 41

It's not a parachute in the classic sense - it's more like an enormous airbag around the perimeter of the craft designed to help high-altitude aerobraking. Lots of problems to solve.

The SIAD or "airbag" has worked flawlessly the last two tests. The parachutes are the systems that have been failing... 0 for 2. If the 3rd test produces the same result with the chute then maybe the team should switch focus and bump up the specs on the SIAD and concentrate on retro rocket landings.

Comment Calm down with the "threats" (Score 3, Informative) 120

The ship does not seem to pose a threat to the ISS at the moment.

The resupply ship is not even remotely in the same orbit as the ISS. Progress 59 will never pose a threat to the ISS unless they regain control, adjust the orbit 200km higher, rendezvous with the ISS and attempt a docking.

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