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Comment Re:Coren22's "APKolypse"... apk (Score 1) 286

Oh, it's classic AlecStaar, all right--always evoking violent imagery--"smashed", "totalled", "beat", "destroyed". And always coming back an hour or two later pretending to be a different AC who just happens to agree with him, and just happens to use the same kind of phrasing. He's been following the exact same pattern for at least ten years. In part he's still trying to get even with Ars Technica and numerous other forums for banning him and his sockpuppet accounts.

Now you know why, whenever anybody else happens to voice agreement with anyone critical of him, he immediately accuses them of using sockpuppets. And why he goes to such great pains to make real sure everyone knows it's him, while posting AC (unless, of course, he's following up by trying to pretend to be some random helpful AC who just happens to... well, you get the idea).

Comment Re:When to stop? (Score 1) 325

I slowly started to install some Ubuntu (for ease of use) on my parents' computers, and that fits most of the requirements they have: internet, flash games, video, music.

After you have defenestrated a PC in this manner, how do you handle it when someone asks for help getting suspend to work again? "I closed the lid and opened it again, and now it's stuck on a black screen."

Comment Screen peeking (Score 1) 195

That's right, we watch them ... TV, movies, maybe video games.

I don't want my big TV replaced with anything which is "cleverly redistributed to smaller screens".

So do you want to make it that much easier to give away your position in a first-person shooter to your screen-peeking competitors?

Comment HDMI switch (Score 2) 195

Paradoxically, if you want a reasonable number of HDMI ports (so you can attach your own devices) you have to get a smart TV.

Or a dumb TV and an external HDMI switch. You need an external switch anyway if you have a lot of legacy devices with composite, S-Video, or component outputs, such as retro video game consoles or a VHS player for those movies that haven't yet been rereleased on Blu-ray.

Comment Re:Streaming video (Score 1) 195

The mouse and keyboard are far superior as controls [to what is available for a console]

I wouldn't be so sure. Though a lot of PS3 and PS4 games support a USB mouse and keyboard, an analog joystick offers finer control of movement speed and direction than WASD, which are equivalent to the 8-way directional pad that's been around since the NES. And what do players 2 through 4 use, especially in games where sharing doesn't mean splitting?

and the processor speed and graphics are superior to any console.

But at what cost? Say you want to build a gaming PC so that it can be used in the living room while someone else in the household is using the PC at the computer desk. Can you build a PS4-equivalent second PC for $400?

But one thing I'll grant to PC gaming is mods.

Comment Even if you really don't care about the Super Bowl (Score 2) 195

Antenna TV really only works if you really really REALLY don't care about the crap you're watching.

There are plenty of people in Slashdot's home country who care about the national championships of the country's major professional sport leagues: the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, and the World [sic] Series.

Comment Re:Wait, they shipped the private key? (Score 1) 65

And then Dell's software re-enables it, or reinstalls it if you delete it. And if you remove the software that does the reinstall and ever factory-reset your PC, it in turn gets reinstalled. It's like malware, except that it's from a commercial vendor.

Unless you... you know... follow the instructions Dell provided to remove it properly or get the update that fixes this bug.

Definitely a real dumbass move on Dell's part, but this happens in all big companies; someone thinks they're doing a really great thing by simplifying some process without giving any thought to the security ramifications.

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