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Comment: Re:Have they not heard (Score 1) 358

by Ash-Fox (#49436317) Attached to: Google To Offer Ad-Free YouTube - At a Price

From my experience and knowledge, browsers on mobile devices don't have ad blocker plugins

On Firefox for Android, I use the following extension "Bluhell Firewall" (ad blocker), "Clean Links" (converts those tracking links that embed URLs to actual URLs) and "I don't care about cookies" (gets rid of banners) and my password management tool. Firefox's extensibility makes it hard for me to even consider other browsers.

Comment: Re:Why I'm Now a BSD Guy (Score 1) 198

I have noticed the quality of Linux is not near the BSDs.

To provide you some more anecdotal evidence:

I have noticed that BSD lacks diversity and numerous solutions that Linux provides, which makes it far more useful than BSD in numerous circumstances.

It's a simple license, easily understood by anyone with a modicum of common sense.

The advertising clause actually is confusing when it comes to software implementations, particularly where headless software is used. Of course, you're likely referring to the newer BSD derived licenses, which place exceptions, but are not the BSD license.

The Free and OpenBSD boxes I've worked on and with have, short of HW failures, been almost perfect.I generally don't have a significant problem with Windows, Linux or BSD these days. OS X is another story though.

Comment: Re:Going for the Hipsters Demographic (Score 0) 120

Are any of your neighbors good for anything, or are they all hipsters too?

They're nice people, but no, they don't have a trade and my area wouldn't be considered posh either.

are they all hipsters too

I'm not a hipster.

I guess Instagram

Sorry, I don't really spend any time doing social networks online, my off-line one dominates my time more.

Comment: Re:Going for the Hipsters Demographic (Score 0) 120

I have a neighbor who is a licensed construction foreman.

I don't.

and he gives me a big break on the bill. He goes home with a case of my homebrew beer when it is all done.

Previously offered people such things and they declined, they wanted the full amount.

That Amazon can even propose this business model really describes the sad state of affairs of the middle class, community, and humanity's ability to interact face-to-face.

I don't believe there is an issue face-to-face in my circumstance.

We need to put the fucking phones down and talk to each other.

My anecdotal evidence shows that this direct approach doesn't work.

Comment: Re:It's quite simple really... (Score 1) 158

by Ash-Fox (#49361569) Attached to: UK Licensing Site Requires MSIE Emulation, But Won't Work With MSIE

The UK govt farms out just about all central govt development to US companies

You mean, multi-national companies.

You have to ask why UK officials are happy to repeatedly give UK work and projects to US corporations

Because they meet the requirements in the bids, not many do.

Isn't it about time there was an investigation into this?

Bids are often audited.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a silly proverb. "Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth. -- Alfred North Whitehead