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Comment Re:Empathy is for loosers (Score 1) 767

Equality is not achieved : look at salary graphs... You can come back with more SJW bashing now.

The last time I saw my salary in relation to others, I left the company considering I felt I was pulling the weight of those peers who were paid better. I did not feel wage equality between genders was an issue, equality between work produced was.

Comment Re:AdBlock+ = inferior & 'souled-out' vs. host (Score 1) 259

1.) Protect vs. malicious sites/servers (past ads)
2.) Protect vs. fastflux botnets + stop C&C communique
3.) Protect vs. dynamic dns botnets + stop C&C communique
4.) Protect vs. DGA botnets + stop C&C communique
5.) Protect vs. downed DNS (adds reliability)
6.) Protect vs. DNS redirect poisoned dns
7.) Protect vs. trackers
8.) Protect vs. spam
9.) Protect vs. phish
10.) Protect vs. caps
11.) Get you past a dns blocking
12.) Keep you off dns request logs
13.) Speed up surfing by adblocks & hardcoded fav. sites
14.) Work on anything webbound (ie email programs) multiplatform.
15.) Give you easily controlled data
16.) Do all that & block ads better than addons more efficiently in cpu cycles + memory usage

My DNS daemon at home can do all of that though.

P.S.=> Ab+ does less than hosts & less efficiently

My DNS daemon does it more efficiently by returning NXDOMAIN for blocked hosts. None of the computers on my network even attempt to establish a TCP connection to anything. Nobody even has to configure their computers to do anything when they use my Wi-Fi / LAN, it's 'just works'.

(hosts consume 3-11mb using my program initially).

My DNS daemon is only taking up 2MiB of system memory currently on the router and takes up no memory on the PCs on my network. My DNS server is also more efficient by being able to block complete domains owned by malware authors instead of just specific subdomains too.

What's best?

Clearly my setup as the technical advantages here.

Comment Re:Virtual Console in Wii Shop Channel anyone? (Score 1) 151

My main complaints with that suggestion are the 3DS screen is like 3 or 4 inches, my laptop is a 17 inch which is a lot like a small TV.

Which is generally irrelevant when you're holding a portable unit like 3ds, since it's closer to you, therefore bigger screen.

I would have to buy 2 3DS which would come to about 3 or 4 hundred dollars.

You could get player 2 to get his own.

All to play a couple of games I used to own before my storage locker was robbed.

This is why having insurance is good.

Or I can emulate the games on the machine I want to play on, my big very nice laptop.

Which doesn't really help quality since pixel graphics tend to look worse on higher resolution screens.

But I have ZERO interest in buying two 3DS machines so I can get an inferior experience to the one I am already getting.

As an owner of current generation consoles, handhelds and a decent PC gaming rig, I believe I have a well rounded experience. I'm not seeing an inferior experience on equipment like 3DSes and I get the impression you're trying to justify something that isn't really a problem.

Comment Re:Well.. (Score 2) 370

Your first mistake was being an asshole. How do I know? Because people, as a rule, are lazy. I'm lazy. You're lazy. We're all lazy. So why, I'm forced to ponder, are so many people intent on fucking with you that it overcomes their natural laziness?

I've seen this happen to software developers who happen to not make complicated, hard feature some community wants. That's not being an asshole.

Comment Verification (Score 2) 191

I have a fairly new, fairly fancy phone running Android Lollipop, the recently degraded performance of which leads me to believe that it's infected with malware. That, and a friend who noticed a lot of strange activity coming from my phone's IP â" sorry, I don't have the logs

I don't believe your friend. Verify it yourself first.

Comment Re:Other companies and their sensitive data on win (Score 1) 527

I can't reproduce your claims, nor find evidence of it happening on Google with regards to GPOs.

The closest thing I am aware of is Windows resetting GPOs on a system upgrade (as opposed to updates). But that has been expected behaviour since Windows 2000.

I'd recommend you take at least the Microsoft course 50255C (or a more modern) to learn how GPOs work from a Microosft learning partner.

Comment Re:HIPAA (Score 1) 527

Hope nobody here is a system administrator at a hospital or doing contract work for a medical specialist.

As someone who does Windows system administration, I was able to very quickly figure out which GPOs effect these KBs. As someone whom has ran active diectory systems, I controlled when Windows updates were deployed and which.

If you're a system administrator and making these comments, your knowledge is poor, get the proper training. Look at course 50255C (or a more up to date one) from a Microosft learning partner.

Comment Re:The Real Thieves, Though... (Score 2) 100

Let me preface this by stating that I think most programs to use computers in school are trash, and less effective than traditional teaching methods.

My personal opinion is that schools shouldn't be doing this to begin with if they don't understand technology. They will only set false expectations and poor knowledge forward in students with it.

Comment Re:another rich asshole (Score 1) 842

How about give the fucking money to someone like ME who has lived in poverty pretty much my whole life!? I'd buy my way out of this shitty country (USA) and into Europe.

As someone that could be considered a nomad and has moved countries, you don't need much money to move. You can even move regularly if you wanted. You have to be willing to travel and move light though. It's also going to be out of your comfort zone, because you would need to go ahead with a plan that has limited visibility in the details behind it.

Then I'd invest some of the money in a permanent residence (probably in Germany)

Get a job in Germany, get a credit card, pay off your monthly expenses on the credit card, pay off the credit card every month (build up your credit rating for four years), save up for a deposit (for four years), get a mortgage for your house. These are things you can do.

'd go to college (its free there)

Wrong, it's public universities and enrolment, administrative fees are not free. That said, it would likely cost for food, rent etc. about 10,000 Euro a year. You cannot make use of the welfare system while studying. Above undergraduate qualifications, you have to meet even more conditions to avoid necessity to pay a variety of fees.

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