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Speaking for myself, it always raises my hackles when someone responds in such a way that I hear "you're not mature enough for this conversation so I'll ignore any argument you make, you poor, pathetic feeb."

Which is not what I am saying, I am pointing out that there are people who react with horrible crap because they can't express themselves.

I suppose it's probably entangled with my deep-seated hatred for smug people, too.

I've been accused of being smug previously, but I have also previously pointed out that ad hominem attacks don't make an argument any less valid.

expecting enlightened reactions from everyone you interact with in life is foolishness.

Pretty much, which is why I find it strange people are so quick to attribute these issues to sexism (and other prejudicial reasons) when there are other possible answers that are so much simpler.

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by Ash-Fox (#47783287) Attached to: Australian Consumer Watchdog Takes Valve To Court

I bought the AVGN Adventures game from within the Valve software on my Mac. After downloading the game using the Valve software, the software said the game was Windows only, so I could not install it.

Quoting something from Apple's website to help you in this matter:

Leopard is the world's most advanced operating system. So advanced, it even lets you run Windows if there's a PC application you need to use.

They also state:

Setup is simple and straightforward â" just as you'd expect with a Mac.

Clearly you're not using your Mac in the correct supported configuration. So, this is user error, not VALVe's error.

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I was really just intending to point out the fact that these people aren't helping the matter.

I understand and you make a fair point.

However, it depends on the perspective too. Another approach on the matter (for gamers) is to get the media to stop paying attention and making a fuss. This has previously worked by creating a lot of noise and essentially giving the media argumentum ad nauseam to the point they don't care anymore and the issue is dismissed. This is despite the original provocateur still continuing.

I think the origin of a lot of the sexist, racist and vile (death threats, rape threats) things said by some people in response however tends to be from people who are unable to express themselves properly and much like children act out in other ways to punish/harass/antagonize the person/thing that provoked them.

However I've known plenty of non-gamers that do stuff like this as well.

Oh, certainly.

Over all I think it is best for both genders to realize that some men and women are obviously bad, but also realize that there are plenty of good men and women as well.

I agree, although my perspective is more that I personally don't differentiate between the two. I've repeatedly found parallels for almost every scenario about a person's behavior (such as in your example).

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Two kinds of /. articles keep my killfile topped up: those about global warming (deniers), and those with "men's rights advocates" who engage in victim-blaming.

Ah, I was curious why you marked me as a foe recently. Apparently it's because you perceive me as victim bashing.

That said, I reread my comments on this article, I don't see myself bashing a victim. I even went as far as defending someone's 'free speech' at one point. I provided alternative perspectives from what seemed to be non-obvious to people here and even helped provide some evidence to someone who appeared as an expert on rational.

If you're willing to put me in the same category as people who victim bash; I would actually take your point about people not worth talking to and apply it to you. The reason why is it seems you are unable to remain objective if anything challenges your view point on this subject, through a different perspective.

Also, the concept of a foe / killfile is pretty petty, announcing it further reminds me of immature kids on IRC who like to declare they've ignored someone as a way to sort of punish the person.

Interestingly, such people as yourself often become the target for trolls because they are the sort that would dispense 'lulz' due to your immaturity and incapability to handle different view points properly.

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What makes you think she didn't expect it?

The lack of proper mitigation strategy.

Based on the evidence I'd like to offer an alternative perspective: "Damn, look at what she's going through. Given that she saw this coming, she must be both brave and dedicated to her cause. Regardless of the quality or content of her ideas, we've got to respect her courage."

Unfortunately, I can't say I can emphasize in this scenario - Possibly due to some extreme violence in my past or alternatively because I am tired of adults that don't assess and handle risks appropriately.

Also: there's a big difference between a predictable outcome and an acceptable outcome. I hope you don't think that just because it has happened before it's okay for sadists to harass women for speaking publicly.

I don't think for a second it's a woman thing honestly.

I do think it's sad that people forget how many people out there are unable to express themselves properly and end up reverting to malicious responses (acting like children) and attacks even if they aren't actually prejudiced against such people.

I also think it's sad how quickly forget how the gaming community has reacted to every other criticism (whether the point be valid or not) over the years.

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If a problem makes the community look bad, then perhaps the community needs to reduce the problem instead of shooting the messenger?

You're assuming they acknowledge there is a problem to begin with. After all, we saw many reject the claims of becoming murders, drug addicts, gaming addicts, welfare generation etc.

Previously, this sort of thing was dealt with a combination of things in the community, such as:

  • Ignoring
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Strawman arguments
  • Genuine arguments
  • Shit posting
  • Harassment
  • Ridicule
  • Arm-chair lawyering
  • Flaming each other in the community

Eventually with the whole mess, this ends up becoming argumentum ad nauseam with too much cruft for the media to sort through and the gamers go back to playing games while some of the trolls continue to harass the person until the end of days.

I see nothing wrong here.

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But she's not even pointing the finger at gamers themselves, but game developers!

Which happened before in other scenarios with the whole 'murder simulators', asking developers not to make such games etc. This isn't new.

Are all those guys being jerks to her, developers?

I already said it was the gaming community (and, no, I don't mean the entire gaming community) like in other instances.

No, they're just jerks upset because some woman dares to criticize tropes in their Beloved Boyz Club Hobby.

Or maybe criticising anything that makes the gaming community look bad earns the ire of the gaming community.

Comment: Re:"Re-Rinse, Re-Lather, & Re-Repeat" again (Score 1) 186

by Ash-Fox (#47777399) Attached to: BBC and FACT Shut Down Doctor Who Fansite

1. - I don't endorse this or use this.
2. - I don't endorse this or use this.
3. - I don't endorse this or use this
B - True, but I can't remember a time when this issue even affected me or anyone else.
C - I think the trivial blocking of entire domains which can be done in a single line with DNS is faster. I think the lack of resolution of blocked domains is faster than a browser getting and trying to connect to it etc.
1. - Speed vs remote DNS, sure. vs local DNS? Eh, I get 0ms response times.
2. - Security - I think my method is safer, bocking entire domains that are owned by malicious entities instead of specific subdomains. Additionally, I think my TCP resolution setup in my DNS server is safer than hosts file with a blocklist and without the TCP resolution.
3. - Reliability - A locally running DNS server with similar configurations (pointing at specific IPs and what not) feasibly seems just as reliable?
4. - If you're concerned about anonymity, DNS is not where you should be starting.

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Except she never ever says that gaming is bad, she just wants better games, with more interesting characters and story.

She has previously made a point at identifying negative impact of games that do certain things. Not much different from shooters being murder simulators etc.

Comment: Re:That makes it all ok? (Score 1) 1190

Really? Your reponse is "everyone does it so we shouldn't even try to change it"?


I don't really get how you could even get that from my response.

It's not the community of gamers that's objecting. It's the small, virulent subset that sees it as an attack on themselves.

Of course it's not the entire community. However this behavior is exactly the same when gaming was claimed to induce violence, turn people into murderers, take drugs etc.

People who say "what should you expect" are the enablers.

That's some projection there. I'm just pointing out history in such matters and it's foolish to not expect what has traditionally continuously happened in history.

If you don't have proper expectations, you can't reduce your risk,nor come up with proper counter measures. Being reactive often doesn't work in public (again history), you need to be proactive. Assuming you're a geek/techie/nerd, you would fail at applying ISO 31000 properly without having proper expectations.

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