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Comment Re:Important Stuff (for the discussion) (Score 1) 39

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Comment Re:Do you have any idea how you all sound? (Score 1) 470

What, I think, is telling is not that they're just making these somewhat dumb comments, it's how effing angry they are, as if Cortana not putting up with simulated harassment is in some way taking something valuable away from them.

Ever since, well, just before this GG nonsense started, Slashdot's readership has been really circling the toilet. I wonder how these people have jobs given their anger issues with women.

Comment I've seen nothing but Bizarro World from them (Score 1) 37

Bush and Christie hitting one-time Senator Rubio out on lack of experience when Bush's Texas governor brother took the white house in peacetime with a balanced budget and in a boom and left with two wars, the worst economy since the Great Depression, and history's largest deficit. Then a one term Illinois Senator took that and is leaving office with low unemployment, a lower deficit, and a good economy. They're nuts.

Not that Rubio is any more sane.

Comment Re:This is so sad (Score 1) 76

This shows a lack of encryption. Expect the same for backdoors, trapdoors mil grade support hardware used in a domestic setting.
Every team is been watched and tested.
Why would any gov just allow sensitive files to be created, exist in plain text and be left just facing the open internet?
Every level of the US gov seems to have upgraded to computers at some time. Not much thought went into just connecting the same very secure, isolated systems to the internet and then getting a no bid cloud upgrade.

The same contractors will now offer to clean up, rent security systems back over the same networks they had to look after.

Long term expect a lot of gov staff to get a gov chat down by undercover random foreigners with heavy accents, diplomats, press with "questions", new friends making an offer.
It will all be a gov trap with offers of cash, holidays, tools and methods.
All gov workers will have to report such contact in detail and as quickly as possible.
Any material been lost and talked about in the press can be used as a cover for a huge loyalty test. The attempt to turn its own workers first and often.
For that the theatrics of how a hidden gov worker was found has to be made public. Then the honey traps, new friends, chat downs can start at every city, state and federal level.
Who will respond and who will report what and how quickly.

Comment Re:On paper, this is a good decision (Score 1) 120

Re "But I can't help but wonder in practice if it won't leave a lot of poor people with no internet access at all."
Would anyone at a national level really knowingly advise to gift any of its users directly to another nations clandestine services?
One company that has a brand to sell as a network is not the internet.

Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 1) 195

Kinda true, kinda not. The idea was to replace CAHSR, but CAHSR is itself billed as a replacement for flying.

Personally I think the Hyperloop proposal is done in bad faith - the system Musk proposed was supposedly substantially cheaper, but only served two of the four cities joined by CAHSR, was something in the region of a hundred miles away from those two cities, couldn't carry anything like the same number of passengers, and Musk hand waved quite a bit about costs (did he really think the CAHSR people hadn't considered viaducts? And in what world does a viaduct - even for a single pipe stuck up on stilts - cost only a quarter of a million dollars a mile?) suggesting it would probably cost several times the amount Musk proposed.

And, I'll be honest, I think travel in those things will be a nightmare. But I'd expect nothing less from anyone in the car industry - these are people who have never "got" public transportation, largely because they love driving so much they can't imagine anyone else wouldn't.

Comment Re:Surprise (Score 1) 223

It's actually kinda awkward to draw any conclusions from that as adjusting for other factors isn't trivial.

Imagine, for a second, if A causes B, but only when combined with C, D or E. (And C, D, and E don't cause anything on their own, only when combined with A)

A is going to look like a cause of B, but C, D, or E will be relatively difficult to correlate with B, especially if they're common. That may result in people assuming that, say, C had nothing to do with B simply because A was present.

I know, I know, basic stats and all of that, and I doubt video games are causing (much) harm (nothing's completely harmless ;-)) but I'd be more comfortable with more studies.

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