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Comment: Re:Allergic reaction to MySQL (Score 4, Informative) 271

by jbellis (#31463898) Attached to: Digg Says Yes To NoSQL Cassandra DB, Bye To MySQL

Teradata and the other big relational db products (vertical, greenplum, etc) are all _analytical_ databases, designed for small amounts of complex queries, where adding new data to the system takes minutes if not hours. They are completely unsuitable for running a live application against.


+ - Whatever happened to Aerogel?

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BK117 writes: "When I first saw the news releases for this amazing material (in the early 1990's) they said it would revolutionize refrigerators, hot water heaters and many other devices needing lightweight insulation. Well, I have yet to see any consumer-level appliances using aerogels. Why not?"

What sin has not been committed in the name of efficiency?