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Comment: Re:Translation is a copyright owner's exclusive ri (Score 1) 344

by ArtemaOne (#44251509) Attached to: Police, Copyright Industry Raid Movie Subtitle Fansite

Totally wrong. If you have the disc how do you think you can mux in fan subs? The people using these are torrenters, not those that just bought a disc. Yes, there are ways to rip, transcode and remux, but be honest, we all know these subs are for pirated videos.

Are you kidding? Ever heard of VLC? You can play DVD or video files and use any subtitles you want.

Comment: Re:vs the James Rosen / Stephen Kim story (Score 1) 590

by ArtemaOne (#43840089) Attached to: PETA Wants To Sue Anonymous HuffPo Commenters
1. Bradley Manning is someone who entered a voluntary military service commitment that does not extend to civilians. His situation is unique to those in the military, and cannot be compared. He swore oaths, and committed an offense for which I believe he should be hanged. Free speech with a security clearance, NDA, and the UCMJ is limited, and it is something you agree to when you volunteer to be military. Now, Wikileaks I think is fine. They publish whatever is given to them, and it is legal.

Comment: Re:Movies are real! (Score 1) 750

by ArtemaOne (#43790651) Attached to: House Bill Would Mandate Smart Gun Tech By U.S. Manufacturers
His point is this is a way to ban guns. Do you know what happens when you impose restrictions on aspects of guns? Look in California where the magazine limit is 10, and the white-list. The number of options available to you in terms of model selection has instantly dropped to less than 1% of available models. Did you want a version of that gun in pink? Sorry, not legal for purchase in California. What is different than the scary black version? It's not on the roster, or it holds 11 rounds, etc. This law will make guns cost $2k or more for unreliable weapons, instead of a few hundred $ for guns that could probably fire covered in your blood and sand and dirt. The rifle I chose is based on a design that can fire under nearly any external conditions, and the chance of a jam is nearly non-existant. You want a weapon to fire without fail, and you secure it without fail when it is not in use. No kid has shot himself or another with a lock through the action.

"Life sucks, but it's better than the alternative." -- Peter da Silva