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Comment Oh, Russia (Score 1) 141

It has already been blocked: - welcome to Russia.

Most sane people who value privacy and freedom in Russia use TOR or VPN, because far too many websites are blocked while they contain a single "infringing" document. Unfortunately when we're talking about HTTPS the only way to block the infringing document is to take down the whole website.

Comment Unsympathetic (Score 1) 83

Well, I'm not so sympathetic with the conclusions.

Firstly, English is perhaps the most vocal language among all existing languages on Earth, it has far too many words which sound like the object being described.

Secondly, there's German.

Thirdly, and let me quote the article, "Their guesses were not nearly as good as the face-to-face participantsâ"35.6% right versus 82.2%â"but they had only one round in which to make their guess." Now, I'm not a mathematician but everything below 50% sounds like a wild guess to me.

Submission + - Destroying the Windows 10 hype train

An anonymous reader writes: Now that Windows 10 is out and the clamour in its regard has substantially subdued it's time to revisit what it's given and what it's taken from us. An unknown person has compiled a wonderful list of the new Windows 10 features which show that in many ways this version of Windows is worse than almost universally abhorred Windows 8.

What's your take? How do you like Windows 10 two weeks after it was released? Has it improved your productivity? Do you believe Microsoft has redeemed itself after the Windows 8 fiasco?

Comment Won't work (Score 1) 136

First of all there are immortal cookies (infinite cache entries created specifically for your unique PC). Secondly, there's a unique combination of your web browser + OS + fonts + plug ins: Thirdly, there are unique patterns in your behaviour (websites that you visit and how frequently you do that) and other wonderful metrics to trace you.

If you want to avoid being traced and tracked there's just one way:

  • You buy a single time anonymous SIM card.
  • You go to some public place where there no web cameras installed or you're not under their monitoring.
  • You browse the web using at least TOR, or even better a combination of VPN + TOR.
  • You use the most common computer OS (Windows 7 64), the most common web browser (IE11/Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and the least number of browser plugins and extensions.
  • You do NOT login using Facebook/Google/Microsoft/Yahoo/etc. services, because these companies trace your presence on unrelated websites using various "Share Me" options.
  • You do NOT use Skype/WhatsApp/Vibe other apps.
  • You completely destroy your browser profile and this SIM card after you're finished.

This is actually a recipe for browsing the web anonymously however this is the reality of the modern web - not to be traced means to be anonymous as much as possible.

Comment If you're f*cked you're more than f*cked (Score 1) 128

"To exploit the vulnerability and install the rootkit, attackers would need to already have kernel or system privileges on a computer."

You know, even without this particular SMM attack vendor, a hacker who already has system level privileges on your PC renders your PC totally insecure, besides he also can ... rewrite BIOS or various firmware components of your PC to allow his code to survive an HDD wipe.

Comment I've seen better comparisons (Score 2) 98

A much better comparison would have been if they'd compared the same CPUs at the same frequency so that IPC gains could be immediately spotted. Also I've never understood the point of all-in-one benchmarks like PCMark which measure everything and nothing because various PCs with wildly different CPUs/GPUs/RAM configurations have very similar results.

Submission + - Universal Pictures wants to remove localhost and IMDB pages from Google results

Artem Tashkinov writes: We've all known for a very long time that DCMA takedown requests are often dubious and even more often outright wrong but in a new turn of events a Universal Pictures contractor which does web censorship has requested a takedown of an IMDB page and the address. I myself has seen numerous times that pages which barely include the title of an infringing work of art get removed from search engines.

Submission + - Everything Wrong with Windows 10

An anonymous reader writes: Many have been wondering why people usually ridicule every OS out there except Windows which, given its monopolistic position in the market, hasn't seen its own share of criticism. This gap has recently been filled with fervor and diligence, meet everything wrong with windows 10. It's worth noting that the document also lists problem in all Windows releases in general.

Comment 2ÂC target? It's gonna get worse (Score 2) 442

"Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money." (source).

If AGW is real and the global temperature is to rise unmitigated, the rich (who actually own the planet) will actually start doing something about that only when war comes knocking on their front doors.

Up until then there will be no tangible changes to prevent further warming of the Earth.

Submission + - A Prediction: 2020 will perhaps be the Year of PC-BSD on the Desktop

Artem Tashkinov writes: Luke Wolf, a KDE developer, argues that PC-BSD might become a serious desktop OS contender in year 2020, since Linux so far has failed to grasp any serious market share. He writes, "Consider this: In the past 10 years has the distribution you run changed significantly in what it offers over other distributions? I think you'll find the answer is largely no. I do have to give a shout out to openSUSE for the OBS, but otherwise I've used my desktop in the same exact way that I have always used it within the continuity of distribution X,Y, or Z since I started using them. Distributions simply aren't focused on desktop features, they're leaving it up to the DEs to do so." He continues, "PC-BSD on the other hand in fitting with the BSD mindset of holistic solutions is focused on developing desktop features and is moving rapidly to implement them."

What do you think?

Comment Strange (Score 1) 391

I don't know about others, but most of my friends run 3+ yo computers and laptops based on Sandy Bridge.

This CPU architecture was so good, or maybe Intel stopped innovating in the absence of competition, so today, more than three years later, I have zero urge to upgrade my PC. The only updates that I've made are: I updated my GPU a year ago and installed NVIDIA Kepler. Also, initially I had just four gigs of RAM in 2x2GB configuration and now I have sixteen gigs in 4x4GB configuration. Everything else is from 2011.

I remember ten years ago, when you didn't update your computer at least once every two year, it became horribly outdated, slow and just unpleasant to use.

Submission + - Conspiracy theories behind the recent TrueCrypt demise

Artem Tashkinov writes: The recent out of the blue TrueCrypt discontinuation got many people thinking what had happened to the project and inquiring minds suddenly found a hidden message in TrueCrypt's kind of awkward announcement, "(U)sing (T)rueCrypt (i)s (n)ot (s)ecure (a)s (i)t (m)ay (c)ontain (u)nfixed (s)ecurity (i)ssues", which means, "uti nsa im cu si". Translated from Latin it means, "If I wish to use the NSA". Even if this message is real and its author wanted to warn us about TrueCrypt use implications, it's still unclear whether he meant to avoid all existing TrueCrypt releases or only future ones.

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