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Comment What about telemetry/spying features? (Score 2) 55

I'd like to get a changelog of those as well. From their first revision (approximately starting at the time when Windows 8.1 was released).

Alternatively I'd love to get an official how-to on how to disable tracking in Windows 10 entirely. While we're at it, I'd love to know how to fully disable Metro features and Windows defender.

Comment Price Is Still Just One of Two Sticking Points (Score 1, Troll) 185

The second point is a limited number of rewrite cycles. There, FTFY.

Oh, while we are at it, SSD tend to fail spectacularly: i.e. usually when they perish you cannot extract any information at all vs. spinning platters which usually fail gradually.

P.S. If you wanna counter my first argument, fill your SSD up to 99% and then try to work with it continuously for quite some time. That 1% will get overwritten multiple times and your whole SSD will be prone to a failure. Those tests you've seen online all deal with continuous overwriting of the whole SSD and that rarely happens in real life. In real life pretty much no one continuously wipes clean its SSD to fill it up again and again.

Comment By converting Firefox to Chrome .... (Score 1) 421

they lose their identity and userbase. It's strange how they fail to understand that.

The Australis UI was the first step. Now this. Soon, a looming XUL deprecation which is an even worse idea -- I wonder what's the point of using Firefox will be then.

In short we had a fantastic web browser, now we have a Chrome wanna-be. Soon, we'll have a Chrome copy with Gecko underneath, but who on earth cares what rendering engine they are running?

Comment Here's how to do it (Score 5, Informative) 261

Here's my old comment verbatim:

First of all there are immortal cookies (infinite cache entries created specifically for your unique PC). Secondly, there's a unique combination of your web browser + OS + fonts + plug ins: https://panopticlick.eff.org/ Thirdly, there are unique patterns in your behaviour (websites that you visit and how frequently you do that) and other wonderful metrics to trace you.

If you want to avoid being traced and tracked there's just one way:

  • You buy a single time anonymous SIM card with Internet.
  • You go to some public place where there no web cameras installed or you're not under their monitoring.
  • You browse the web using at least TOR, or even better a combination of VPN + TOR.
  • You use the most common computer OS (Windows 7 64), the most common web browser (IE11/Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and the least number of browser plugins and extensions.
  • You do NOT login using Facebook/Google/Microsoft/Yahoo/etc. services, because these companies trace your presence on unrelated websites using various "Share Me" options.
  • You do NOT use Skype/WhatsApp/Vibe other apps.
  • You completely destroy your browser profile and this SIM card after you're finished.

This is actually a recipe for browsing the web anonymously however this is the reality of the modern web - not to be traced means to be anonymous as much as possible.

All other ways are only half measures. Or, like people have suggested, you may stop using the Internet completely. It should have long been renamed to a "Trackingnetwork".

Submission + - Google DeepMind algorithm has learnt to play Go better than most human beings

Artem Tashkinov writes: The Go game has been considered the toughest to crack game for AI to this date, and various researchers estimated it would take at least ten more years for AI algorithms to master it and beat the best human players on the planet. However according to a recent Nature publication (PDF) by the team behind Google DeepMind, their AI algorithm manages to beat 99% of all other Go playing applications and also it beat Fan Hui, the best European Go player.

Comment What's wrong with people? (Score 0) 184

I mean I cannot understand at all why FBI/CIA/police/government want backdoors in "encrypted" protocols.

After Snowden's revelations any halfwit with half a brain realizes that you cannot trust anything you haven't created yourself. Thus if you want real privacy/control/encryption, you will implement your own means of communication which employ proper encryption, which means only legal entities, people who trust official/commercial means of communication (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, e-mail, etc.) will be spied on while real criminals will be out of reach.

Is this rhetoric about encryption is nothing more than a disguise to spy on all of us while those who have power won't be touched?

Well, fuck them.

Comment Stop these stories (Score -1, Flamebait) 107

I would like ./ editors to stop with "future Russian plans" stories, 'cause I can almost give you a warranty that given the today's economical situation in Russia, and given the fact that it's on the verge of collapse next to nothing will pan out in the nearest 20 to 50 years.

It would have been better if you'd run a story about the Russian ruble. It's dying. Oh, btw, my previous comment about Russia was modded "Troll" - I do hope that rabid Russian patriots here on ./ will not miss this comment as well.

Comment Shouldn't matter (Score 1) 77

In a perfect corporate environment no network equipment is trusted by default, i.e. even if you install a malicious device the network will remain secure.

Nowadays, there's no other way due to BYOD: even though some companies may explicitly forbid the use of your own devices, realistically it's nigh impossible to implement which means you cannot and mustn't trust any devices on the intranet.

Comment Still feels like an early beta (Score 1) 111

Judging from the users input and my own experience Plasma 5.5.3 still works and feels like an early beta other than a final product which has seen several minor releases.

I don't know what happened to the KDE project but surely something was lost during the transition from KDE 3.5.x to KDE 4.x/5.x.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 3, Interesting) 143

Russia had all of those - FTFY.

You cannot imagine how many professionals working in R&D have left Russia for the past 20 years. Literally millions. In 2014 alone 200 thousand average Moscow citizens left Russia for good (and most of them are professionals) - keep in mind that Moscow is the most developed city in the country where avarage salaries are up to three times higher than in other cities. Only the most frantic and loyal to the government keep on working.

Comment What's behind the screen (Score 1, Troll) 143

Mr. Putin and his PR team does a great job of portraying Russia as a superpower however the sad truth is that Russia is slowly becoming a country of the poor where even most basic human needs are not met. According to the recent polls over 50% of the Russians living in Russia cannot afford buying normal food, like fruits, meat, fish or vegetables. No one is talking about caviar or exotic things.

Other areas where Russia is behind almost all developed countries of the world: medicine, economics, science, and even education. Cancer patients mortality rate is ten times higher than in most other countries of the world, because equipment is totally outdated and doctors' salary is so low, they don't bother to work professionally. Corruption runs so rampant no one even bothers any more - watch the movie "Chaika". Seen by 4 million people, it contains the facts which are impossible to refute, yet how many people from the state apparatus have been fired? Zero. In the past rabid Russian patriots, called "vatniky", claimed that Putin is clean and it's only his people who steal, bribe, and do all sorts of nefarious things. After this movie many of them changed their minds.

Don't believe the hype - even if Russia flies to the Moon, it will be done at the expense of the budget sphere or new insane taxes will be introduced (like the recent tax for long-haul truckers). Russians have already paid dearly for the annexation of Crimea and for the war in Ukraine (most countries in the world understand that this war is indirectly financed by Putin).

This country is doomed.

Comment Electricity (Score 2) 440

... is a bitch.

I wonder what kind of measures the Sweden have against losing it. And if I'm not mistaken most payments go through the Internet and of course the Internet is supposed to be 100% reliable ... oh, wait.

P.S. George Orwell wasn't a science fiction writer 'cause he actually (fore)saw the future. The future where everything you do is logged and categorized.

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