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+ - Ham Radio Operator Finds Cure For Cancer-> 5

Submitted by
CirReal writes "John Kanzius, K3TUP, himself suffering from cancer with nine months to live, used nanotechnology and a radio transmitter to kill cancer cells. "Kanzius did not have a medical background, not even a bachelor's degree, but he knew radios. He had built and fixed them since he was a child, collecting transmitters, transceivers, antennas and amplifiers, earning an amateur radio operator license. Kanzius knew how to send radio wave signals around the world. If he could transmit them into cancer cells, he wondered, could he then direct the radio waves to destroy tumors, while leaving healthy cells intact?" Reseachers "recently killed 100% of cancer cells grown in the livers of rabbits, using Kanzius' method.""
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Comment: It's just grit on the scanner scope... (Score 5, Funny) 208

by Artega VH (#21124403) Attached to: Hundreds of Black Holes Found
As covered by Red Dwarf...
"Well, the thing about a Black Hole, its main distinguishing feature, is it's black! And the thing about space, the colour of space, yer basic space colour, is its Black! So how are you supposed to see them. ... We've been in space for three million years and there hasn't been one! Then, all of a sudden five of them turn up at once!"

And the cause of all these black holes?
"Five specs of grit on the scanner scope....the thing is about Grit... is it's black.."

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." -- The Wizard Of Oz