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Comment Re:Clear Channel loses big, too (Score 1) 273

I maintain the database at and watch the "over the air" radio stations rushing to add internet streaming every day. There aren't enough hours in the day to locate and add all of the new streaming stations to the database.

Clear Channel has clearly been taking the lead in internet streaming and is way out in front in adding digital HD to their over-the-air stations.

As of today, there are 5,257 FCC licensed station streams (commerical and non-commerical) that are active... (Several hundred of those are HD2 and HD3 streams), meaning that around 36% of all US/FCC licensed AM/FM radio stations are already streaming on the internet.

Does that sound like impending death to you?

Food for thought - in the next year or so when mobile WiMax begins to roll out commerically and you will be able to have internet access in your car as you drive to work, what will that technology do to the radio business?

[I know I've broken the golden rule of slashdot by injecting facts into a thread]

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