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Microsoft Is Paying Brazilian Users In Skype Credit To Switch to Bing 90 90

New submitter perplexing.reader (2241844) writes "Microsoft is paying Brazilian users US$2 in Skype vouchers to set Bing as their default search engine and MSN as their default home page. Translated from the site: 'Make MSN your homepage and Bing your default search engine and earn up to 60 minutes of calls to mobiles and landlines in Skype.' ... The Rules: 'After receiving the voucher, this should be used until July 31, 2014. Once on Skype, the credits do not expire. The minutes are based on a rate of $ 0.023 per minute, but the number of minutes may vary depending on the destination of the call and the number of calls you make. The current value of the voucher is $2.00. [One claimed], the voucher will appear in your Skype account." (For those outside Brazil, the page brings up a message that translates to "Sorry, this promotion is not available for your country.")

Comment Re:Crypto (Score 1) 146 146

Nowadays? No.
A few years ago? Yes.
Before everyone jumped on the bandwagon, 5970s had similar price/performance to 5850s while being superior in pretty much every other way.
4 cards == 8 GPUs off a $45 board with x1 to x16 riser cables.
Fans that could actually run 24/7 for years without dying.
Lower power usage.

Comment Re:Freakin' Riders. (Score 1) 767 767

Incandescents are perfectly linear

Nope, they're quite nonlinear PTC thermistors.

since its a purely resistive load.

Wrong again, see above.

Electronics 101.

Yeah, right.

For added fun (and what the parent alluded to), look up temperature vs. radiated spectrum for a (approximately) black body radiator.

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