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Comment Wow, who would have thought? (Score 4, Insightful) 123

Who wold have thought. Women in IT want to be treated like people. Not with some special care or preferential treatment, want to be judged on their professional merits rather than having privileges for being the "oppressed sex". They don't want to feel offended, and they don't want to be defended, but it seems they want to, ya know, do their effin' WORK.

Dear SJWs. It's really awesome what you want to do, but maybe, just maybe, try to find out first whether what you fight for actually WANTS you to fight for them? You remind me a lot of those "foreign aid" workers who "helped" those "poor, poor Africans" by sending food there until the local farmers had to shut down production because they couldn't compete with your free food anymore. they were not poor. You made them poor. And I fear the same development here.

There are good and hard working women in IT. No, they are not numerous, but they exist. And they are far from being marginalized. They are part of great teams and they are good at what they're doing. I had the fortune that I managed to work with some of them. They are not here because of their looks, they can easily pull their weight as anyone else. And you will notice that they are usually at the very least a little bit embarrassed by all the shit going down about this "women in IT" thing. Because it does harm their reputation.

A friend of mine recently complained about the problem. She has been in IT for about 15 years now, we worked together before and she is a very good programmer. With more and more women being signed up on no other merit than being a women, stereotypes are starting to grow. Because these women cannot code well. They would not have gotten that job were they men, simply because their skills are lacking. The main reason they were hired is (in HER words, please note that!) to be the "quota bitch".

And that casts a shadow on HER reputation. Because stereotypes are a powerful thing. Just ponder the following scenario and tell me honestly and truthfully what you would think:

The former situation was that the women:men ratio was maybe 1:10, maybe even only 1:20 in IT. Of course, all of these 20, 19 men one woman, would know their trade. That's because they were hired. Now, that "affirmative action" bull takes place and women are hired based more on the fact that they're women than their actual skill levels. You'll probably end up with a 1:1 ratio, even, but that would probably also mean that you really have to scrape the bottom of the barrel because there simply are not as many women as there are men in IT.

So that means you have one "good" women and about 10 mediocre to bad programmers of the female gender.

Question for 100 points: What would you think of "the female coworkers"?

And do you really think that this would aid those women in IT that are really good in their job?

Comment Phew (Score 2) 117

For a brief moment I was worried they might have killed Flash. Then I noticed they only retired the name 'cause it was already pretty much synonymous of "malware installer".

For a moment I was worried about my job security. Please, Adobe, don't scare us IT security guys like that!

Comment Re:"AGW refugees" my ass (Score 1) 238

My guess would rather be that they neither heard about the ice age scare nor the global warming craze, but they simply saw that water is coming, that floods are getting more numerous and that it's safer to pack up and GTFO.

Some people don't need no statistics to know when to flee some place. Wet feet are more convincing than any amount of statistics.

Comment Re:All Israel would need to do is reference TOS? (Score 1) 504

Surprisingly, yes, Mein Kampf, while it mentions that his view of Jews is not a favorable one, does not outright demand their destruction.

But by 1941, Hitler not only made a "few" speeches where he explained in no uncertain words what he planned to do with the Jews. The Reichskristallnacht (pogrom night) happened in 1938. Ghettos were established from 1939 onwards. It was hardly a secret what the plan was, no matter what he originally wrote in Mein Kampf.

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