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Comment Re:Engineering is expensive (Score 1) 174

It's difficult not to rant and rave about it, but I will say you should give it a try. GearVR isn't even really game focused. It does have a lot of games but has much more passive content that is pretty amazing. I've had mine since Feb and I still feel like I'm participating in the future.

Comment Re:Why is this taking so long? (Score 1) 174

quite the opposite actually. Think about it, it's been 3 years since the first of this new generation of VR started. I've followed it very closely and own a couple of the devkit headsets that have come out over those three years. I have watched it evolve from a barf inducing curiosity to an established and amazing new format. 99% of the work that has gone into it is finding out what you can and can't do in VR. Some people are nearly immune to the motion sickness (John Carmack, Oculus CTO) others are highly susceptible to it (Brendan Iribe, Oculus CEO) At their last keynote they talked about how excited they were that Brendan was in a new Mincraft project for well over an hour and was still having a great time, where up until that time he was 15 minutes and turning green.

It's really hard to sell a product when a good review is usually followed with "5 stars! It didn't make me sick." Oculus has developed the best practices around what makes a headset get that kind of rating.

Comment Re: What is really worrying ... (Score 1) 108

docker is a different approach to the same problem that VMs solve. UID 0 in a container may be nearly the same as UID 0 outside a container, but the simple fix to that is don't run anything inside the container as UID 0 and don't install anything that grants permission upgrade, they are not needed.

Comment Re: What is really worrying ... (Score 1) 108

Nobody has replied about how easy it is to get out of a docker container so they are insecure crappy software that can't run in enterprise.

Of course it means that someone has to break your code AND break docker, no matter how easy docker is to break it's still harder than not using docker.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 108

and really what's the point any more, so now you have root on some limited VM that only has access to the same connections you would have as any other user that apache may be running as. Ohh, but you could install drivers or some crap? Who cares, delete the vm fix the security leak in the config management and redeploy.

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