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Comment Re:Update slow ... (Score 1) 319

I run all updates through my build and unit test environment as they come out. It is much easier to do many small updates every other week or so than it is to try to do thousands once a year and only pick and choose security issues.

If something is difficult do it a lot and it will become easy.

I've also become a fan of the anti-long uptime for my Linux hosts. if a host has more than 30 days uptime it gets rebooted. Not because of hanging drivers or leaky memory but because I need to have confidence that all the boot scripts and services are in place correctly will come back up. I also like to randomly pick servers from the environment and completely kill them, in production. It is the only way to test that your recovery procedures are as good as you "planned" them to be.

First Harden your environment then Temper it and continuously test it.

Comment Re:I would sell it (Score 1) 654

I'd pay for public transportation if i could catch it somewhere near my house and it would drop me off somewhere near my work. Last time I did the calculation it would be 3 1/2 hours plus about about 3 miles of walking. I do work about 8 miles closer than I used too. doing a carpool now which I guess would be the next best thing.

Comment Re:Corporations are not People (Score 1) 178

yearly renewal with exponential growth for as long as it is worth it to renew. If a company finds a single song worth billions in tax payment then it's a win for both the company as they've found some great way to profit off it and society as they git a huge drop in the tax bucket.

Comment Re:You'll get ignored. (Score 1) 479

I did this work some back in the 90s and found that about 90% of tier one calls are really lonely people looking for someone to talk to about their purchased tech. More often than not you end up just helping someone sign into their email or what ever. A large portion of the rest of the people are trying to do something well above and beyond what the hardware was designed for, then want to blame you for it not doing it. A small portion of what's left have actual problems and require replacements.

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