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Comment: Re: but I thought 90fps was the thing (Score 1) 35

it's to get the best experience over all. I have a gearvr that runs at 60fps and most of the time it's really good althogh some experiences can make me want to play something else.

My DK2 at 75fps works really good when the games/experinces can maintain that. Otherwise it can be vomit inducing. That's usually only in things that are hacked to run VR through an addon. Many games that never planned to run in VR are not a good time.

They are pushing for 90FPS and have a tech in the SDK called time warp which can help with minor drops below that by slip streaming fake frames.

Over all I'm pretty excited about both the new Steam VR Vive and the CV1. I don't have a PS4 but if i did I'd be excited about Morpheus as well.

Comment: Re:Uh, we had that like 20 years ago? (Score 2) 227

you don't know much about the functional aspect of the model T then do you? The steering wheel and the fact it has 4 wheels on the road are about the only similar things it has.

Just like VR 20 years ago had a screen in front of your face and some accelerators for tracking.

Comment: Re:Kickstarter (Score 1) 227

Oculus has talked about 7 diffrent headsets and they have shipped 4 and plan to ship 1 more in less than a year.

Steam has shipped how many headsets?

DK1 - shipped
Crystal Cove - demo'd never shipped
DK2 - shipped
Crecent Bay - demo'd never shipped
GearVR - shipped
GearVR S6 - shipped
CV1 - shipping in future

Vive - demo'd
DK1 - shipped only to select partners/developer houses
CV1 - shipping in future

Comment: Re:Kickstarter (Score 1) 227

At 30FPS it is based on content exactly like you say, at 90 that gets much less so. I've been playing with the DK2 (75FPS target) for quite some time and I've had some very simple movements at low frame rates make me nearly insta barf, yet I've had good experiences with even swooping and sweeping flying motions if the game is keeping up with the rules found by recent VR developers (especially Oculus) which includes frame rate, persistence, no motion blur etc...

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