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Comment: Re:They're from the government and they're gonna h (Score 1) 130

by ArsonSmith (#49309379) Attached to: ISPs Worry About FCC's 'Future Conduct' Policing

So you're saying that putting someone in jail rightly or wrongly is worse then the millions of people that died or were murdered during a bad government, but hey it was overthrown and is all better now.

wow, just wow... your hatred of successes is palpable. Even the worst corporations in history pale in comparison to even just the bad governments. And even at that those "worst corporations" wouldn't have been able to exist if not for the support of those bad governments.

Comment: Re:Climate Deniers: What is your defence for this? (Score 1) 366

we wouldn't be able to say anything meaningful about climate change.

You're absolutely right. It all has to be 100% pro the status quo or your some kind of idiotic, fox news, denier. I'm glad you are starting to see the problems with the lack of a debate here.