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by ArsenneLupin (#47473277) Attached to: The Improbable Story of the 184 MPH Jet Train

a teacher teaches

... but good teachers also listen. And recognize when a student gets it right, even if the student expresses it "strangely". Irate Engineer doesn't seem to be able to notice when somebody speaks about energy rather than drag... and even if both may be proportional to the square of velocity, they are not the same thing!

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by ArsenneLupin (#47473271) Attached to: The Improbable Story of the 184 MPH Jet Train

Hey Jimmy*, drag is proportional to the square of velocity *because* of air resistance. Thought you might like to know, but knowledge doesn't seem to be your happy place.

Please re-read "Jimmy"'s post. He was speaking about energy being proportional to the square of velocity, not drag. Reading comprehension...

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by ArsenneLupin (#47464829) Attached to: French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review
Some readers may get the hint (especially those working in recruitment...) that something is off with the restaurant. But unfortunately it still doesn't communicate what exactly is off. Is the service bad (as was the case)? Is the food bad? Do they try to screw you with the bill? Are other patrons too loud? Is the place dirty (inside)?

Some patrons might not care (or care less) about some bad points, so it still helps to know what exactly is wrong, in order to know whether it would matter to them. The original review conveys it very well, but a "job-certificate" style review would not...

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What the FAA does not allow is any unlicensed aircraft (which includes models, balloons, kites, gliders, rockets and probably tennis balls), tethered or not, to be used directly or indirectly for commercial purposes.

So, does this mean professional tennis tournaments are forbidden in the US? So, how are these guys able to skirt the FAA regulations?

Comment: What a tangled mess! (Score 1) 88

(At the risk of being modded redundant...)

Just imagine these on a crowded ski slope, when every other ski runner has these. Not only will they tangle with each other, but also with the overhead ropes of ski lifts.

And if your particularly unlucky one stretch of tether might get tangled behind a rock while another stretch of the same tether gets tangled around a fellow skiers neck. No, I don't want these on any slope where I am skying. Even if the FAA don't have jurisdiction, hopefully the resorts will forbid them.

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by ArsenneLupin (#47397787) Attached to: Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

Yeah that's my real worry about all this child porn stuff - "everyone" turns their brains off and starts getting their pitchforks ready to lynch you.
Guess how convenient this is if the powers that be want to get rid of inconvenient you...

The NSA has a huge stash of child porn just for this purpose...

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Oh, Slashdot. When will you build a monorail?

The monorail will come. After all, Lyle Lanley already has "given" Springfield a nice highschool. Moreover, he has refurbished the site of the old nuke station into a wonderful university campus teeming with life. He'll be glad to "give" the city a mono-rail, after all the time it is being talked about!

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