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Comment Re:Not surprised ... (Score 2) 41

Actually, if its recruiters, many people might actually want them (thinking "who knows, I might need him in the future").

Come to think of it, maybe some of these recruiters aren't actually recruiters, but hackers pretending to be recruiters because that's easier to fake than former colleagues.

Comment Re:Article is bullshit (Score 1) 170

So you basically have the right idea, but described it the way Unix-based systems do it.

On any Unix desktop environment that I know, the login screen runs before the user desktop is even started. Actually, after logging in you can see how the user desktop starts up, complete with this progress-bar like thingy in the middle of the screen.

What you might think is the lock screen, which is indeed a kind of window which entirely covers the normal desktop, and which can be "shattered".

Comment Re:Knew a person arrested for peeing in public (Score 1) 261

You can get convicted for a sex crime for about anything. I knew a guy who got convicted for a sex crime for having used the command dpkg --purge. Turned out the forensic "expert" knew nothing about Linux, and figured that this is a command to remove all traces of kiddie porn...

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 261

Well to punish the girl might dissuade her from working in technology. We can't have that now can we?

Well, she'll just work in justice then. You don't need an understanding of technology there. And that way, she later can get back at her geeky classmate by punishing him harshly for repairing a friends' computer...

Comment That happens when graphists are put in charge ... (Score 0) 65

... of medical duties.

No, graphists are not better than other people at their job.

A web developer still makes better web sites than a graphist.

And a doctor still knows better when to shut up about medical details than a graphist.

And no, people in general don't like newsletters (even when they DON'T divulge private details to other recipients).

So, please get back to your pretty pictures, and let us do OUR jobs.

Comment Re:Poor example (Score 2) 451

And he's not "going back and forth" but rather "rocking back and forth" slightly to help stay upright.

I'm not sure about the US, but here in Europe the rules of the road clearly say that cyclists have to put down their foot on the road at a stop sign, or else it is considered as a rolling stop. So even if the guy is talented enough to stop with his feet in the air, it would still be against the rules.

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