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Comment: Re:Why Desktop Linux Hasn't Taken off... (Score 1) 1264

by Arnos (#39849263) Attached to: Why Desktop Linux Hasn't Taken Off


Forget Office and all the other arguments.

Make a distro of Linux that:
1. There is no monthly fee to install games (that you could make work with enough of your own research)
2. Supports an EASY install button.

I'm quite surprised that there isn't a Gaming Distro. I tried linux on my home boxes for many years, but eventually we ran out of games to play and resorted to Windows installs in order to play.
I keep hearing the "oh games are for kids" or "death of PC gaming" or whatever- Completely invalid arguments. I mean really- How many people needed that more powerful machine "to crunch numbers" better or "for photoshop" when really it was for the game of that time (Doom, CS, Crysis, Skyrim, etc)???


+ - iPhone-like Linux Phone Delayed

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As Apple launches its iPhone, a company attempting to build a similar touchscreen-based phone around an open, user-extensible Linux OS has acknowledged significant delays. OpenMoko now hopes to ship its first "mass market" model in October, according to the leader of the project, which is spinning out as a separate company from Taiwanese OEM/ODM giant FIC. All of OpenMoko.com's phones will reportedly be unlocked GSM/GPRS devices, and will run a user-modifiable Linux-based OS maintained by OpenMoko.org, an open source project sponsored largely by FIC to date."

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