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Submission + - Ford pulling plug on Think cars ( 1

ArmedLemming writes: Apparently now that Ford doesn't need the Think car to help in its compliance with emissions standards, they're pulling the plug on the car. Due to liability concerns, they're not allowing the cars' leaseholders to buy the cars either. The cars are headed to the scrapyard. From the article: "[Ford] decide to crush the "Think City" cars that had been exported to the US, mostly to California to satisfy air pollution requirements in place at the time. When those requirements were eased, Ford had no more political need for its electric car venture and literally pulled the plug."

Submission + - Robotech is back after 20 years

An anonymous reader writes: For 20 some years, some of us have been wondering what happened to Admiral Hunter at the end of the Robotech. Our answer may be out today, as Harmony Gold USA has released a DVD that picks up where the story left off. It may be the pilot for a follow up series. I haven't got mine yet, but you get it at all the usual places.

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