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Comment: Re:Better Exchange Support = WinMob death (Score 1) 445

by ArkiMage (#30650572) Attached to: Android Phone Demand Up 250%, iPhone Down

Psssst... ActiveSync is stock in Android 2.0 Using it now on my Droid for push email, calendars, etc... Mine isn't talking to an Exchange server however, even though that's how it's defined in the phone. Mine talks to a Zimbra Communications Suite server (which also supports ActiveSync)...

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Journal: Linux 2

Journal by spellraiser

I came to Linux relatively late. It is now only around 3 years ago that I decided to give it a try. There are a number of reasons why I didn't do it earlier. I was living with my parents and thus shared a machine with the rest of the family; I was into gaming and thus 'needed' Windows, etc. Well, better late than never I guess.


+ - Custom Built Computers

Submitted by the eric conspiracy
the eric conspiracy (20178) writes "For several years I've been buying custom barebones systems from Monarch Computer based on a recommendation I found on slashdot, and have been happy with the result. However in 2006 they really went downhill, and now appear to be out of business. So I am looking for suppliers whom I can go to for a computer where I can specify the motherboard, case, power supply, memory on a piece by piece basis, get feedback from the supplier as to whether these items would be a reliable combination, and have the supplier assemble the custom system and test it. The system may just be a motherboard and CPU, or it might be all the way to a complete package. Any suggestions?"
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Journal: No legal relief from spammers spoofing my domain name? 3

Journal by Artifex

For a few years, spammers have been sending out spam pretending to be from my personal, vanity domain. I haven't seen many complaints recently, but it now costs me a considerable amount of time daily to delete hundreds of bounces from mail servers that don't recognized forged headers, etc. The recipients' mail filters are probably also down-rating my domain name as a result, too, further degrading the value of my domain name if I ever want to use it for a commercial venture. I am also concern


+ - How a school created a new computer lab for free

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "iSolemamba school is in Durban, South Africa. Like every other school on the planet, it needed a computer lab. Basic infrastructure costs were covered, but there wasn't much money left over to buy computer equipment. Now iSolemamba school has a working computer lab, with computers running the latest software and quality training materials." new_computer_lab_for_free"

+ - Microsoft Has Lost Its Touch

Submitted by
Matt 01
Matt 01 writes "As far as I remember long time ago, Microsoft used to be synonym of innovation. It used to be the leader and creator of great useful product. It created Windows, which revolutionized the world, and made personal computers what they are today. Unfortunately, Microsoft today is just not what it used to be. It lost what made it special, it lost the leader part; Microsoft is now nothing more than a follower. It came too late on the Internet for search engines. After Yahoo and Google dominating the search engine area, Microsoft came with MSN search. What is making everything worse is that it has spent over $100 million dollars on creating their search engine; and today, they have no more than 15% of the search engine market. They came too late. Microsoft's player, the Zune, is another example of Microsoft's lack of creativity and copy cat process. Obviously copying on the Ipod, a major improvement or special added feature would have been interesting. Aside from little changes here and there, Zune does nothing fascinating or impresses no one. Sure, it's a good player, but Ipod was already there where was owning the market. Coming with something 'good' is not enough to step in a giant's path. They came too late. Microsoft's Windows Vista is all that Microsoft could come up with after spending 6 billion dollar in development. SIX BILLION DOLLARS! Not saying that Windows Vista is bad, and it's probably even the best windows to date, but 6 billion dollars doesn't justify an operating system that makes people hesitate to even upgrade. When you hear stuff like "Vista does nothing that XP can't", you start to doubt where the 6 billion went. Yes, Vista is nice, it's secure, it has nice features, but nothing innovative. They haven't come up with a single thing that has not been done before. And even for their slick design, all you here around is that Microsoft copied on Apple, again. Why is it that Microsoft can not come up with better stuff? Why are they only looking to what has already been done, and just try to do better? It is not possible to do that where your opposition had 90% of the market share before you even came. Is it that Microsoft is scared of trying something new? Are they scared of losing money? Are they scared of not being good enough? Microsoft's last chance to regain a little of its glory is to try out software development on the Web market. Web development is the future, and is a market still open where there is no big leader. Microsoft still has deep pockets, and with wise investments, but most importantly with some creative minds, they could still impress the world with something that could remind what Microsoft used to be. s-touch/"

+ - Swedish SIGINT agency FRA the new "echelon"

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kursu writes "As we feared here in Sweden, the government has now approved FRA (Försvarets Radio Anstalt) which is a signal intelligence agency part of the Ministry of Defense to do in-depth wire-tapping of the internet traffic in Sweden.

The proposal was approved by the Lagrådet (law council) 2007-02-09.

This is just one of many laws passed lately that threats the democracy and free speech i Sweden.

Swedish: Oscar Swartz about the Regime supercomputers around the corner.
The new wiretapping law
National Defense Radio Establishment (FRA)
Wikipedia about ECHELON"

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