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Comment: Re:Damn! (Score 2) 150

by Arjes (#35597008) Attached to: <em>Guild Wars 2</em> Devs Aiming For the Top

Might this be the MMO that does away with standing right before the enemy, slashing your ten foot two-handed sword diagonally and freaking missing

I agree it has always annoyed me as well. But since most of these games are one way or the other based on the game play style of D&D (and its very predecessors) I feel like I should point out that a miss in D&D isn't a swing and a hit to the floor. It could be a parry, or just a glancing shot that didn't do significant damage (armor deflection). It will be a nice day when our games display all of that easily, but then we will complain about the slight distance between the weapons.

Comment: The e-mail being sent (Score 2, Informative) 245

by Arjes (#33796870) Attached to: One Man's Fight Against Forum Spam
I received one of his e-mails today. For anyone interested, here is the e-mail he is sending.

Do not auto-approve this forum account, it was created by a forum spammer.

The account which created this forum account did so using automated means. The reason was so that he could post a forum account and then use it to automatically post thousands of fake messages to your forum to promote some form of ridiculous product there.

In all likelihood your website has nothing to do with whatever this idiot is promoting, but in any case you definitely do not want to be promoting this scumbag's websites.

Delete this account, and any other account tied to the email address which sent you this automated response.

The way to prevent this activity from continuing is to make all new registrations require a more complex, secure password. Increase the required length and make sure it requires uppercase, lowercase and punctuation characters. Do not allow automated self-registration of new accounts. If you've been getting a lot of messages like the one you're reading now, that means your forum is still far too easy to register at, even if you manually approve the accounts.

Apologies for any further inconveniences this message causes.


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