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Comment Re:Because of the endless whiners (Score 0) 150

Oh look a troll with a Facebook logon!

If I paid for a product that did XYZ and then a few months after I purchased it the manufacturer said "If you want to keep using feature Z you must upgrade the firmware. Oh and by the way the new firmware removes feature X." I am well within my rights to be butthurt whether I use X or not. And I have never even attempted to mod my PS3.

BTW it was the Air Force that built the cluster.

Comment BlackBerry to the rescue (Score 1) 116

Everyone is so focused on BlackBerry's supposed death spiral due to their loss of market share in the mobile phone arena they forget that BlackBerry isn't a phone company. BlackBerry is a secure mobile communications company. To that end they supply the most stable and secure OS in the medical industry (QNX) and are working with NantHealth to supply an end-2-end secure medical communications system. My first real job in electronics was working for a pacemaker OEM. The device we used to program pacemakers back then was literally a wound coil sending unsecured pulse waves to the device. It's why patients couldn't get near microwaves because a stray pulse from the microwave could wipe the entire program on a pacemaker. NantHealth's system is both robust and secure from the hospital to the medicine cabinet at home.

Comment Re:He's got his talking points (Score 2) 478

it has no more trouble installing third party software, accessing the underlying filesystems, or communicating with remote systems than a Windows system.


Have you tried creating a local account on Windows 10? Microsoft has made it damn near impossible and then nag you to death about the advantages of one of their shiny Microsoft online accounts. Microsoft tried to create the walled garden with RT and it failed so now they are using the slowly bring the water to a boil method of gently getting users used to requiring an account. Since Apple is the king of walled garden systems you can bet they are watching this experiment closely and will soon "invent" it on OS X.

Comment ClearCube Zero clients (Score 1) 197

Your requests doesn't mention cost but since you mentioned RP I suspect it's tight. However going cheap isn't always the least cost option. Unless of course your time is worth nothing. I have worked in an environment using ClearCube Blade center PC's doing PCoIP to Zero Clients (No OS on client) and it worked really well. We needed high power systems so we had dedicated blade PC's in a 2U backplane but they offer VDI solutions if your needs are more modest. You basically plug an Ethernet cable (Fiber is also available) and power into the client. The CD9742 is a quad DVI client so it meets your intended use goals.

Comment Re:OS/2 was great (Score 1) 262

OS/2 has never been out of commission. It hasn't been a mainstream desktop for a while but government and banks were still using it as a desktop until recently. And bank ATM's were predominantly OS/2 until recently as well. Now I'm not sure from this story but if they are going back to an old Warp 4.x kernel then yeah it's been a long time.

Comment It's time to take a stand (Score 0) 163

Instead of fighting illegal immigration and police corruption in Mexico. The U.S. needs to bight the bullet and annex Mexico already. Mexico is like the weird uncle by marriage. He's odd and overtly inappropriate at times but he's family. And if the military tries to fight us we know we can pay most of them to switch sides.

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