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Comment: "it's also a smart visual explanation of why..." (Score 4, Insightful) 263


"it's also a smart visual explanation of why the future of technology so often bears so little resemblance to anyone's predictions"

No, it's not an explanation at all. It was intended as a metaphor for miniaturization of electronics. Noone in their right mind would take a full QWERTY keyboard with keys the size of pin heads literally.

Comment: "... so self-aware that ..." (Score 2) 641

by Arduenn (#45578507) Attached to: Lawsuits Seek To Turn Chimpanzees Into Legal Persons

The group argues that cognitively advanced animals like chimpanzees and dolphins are so self-aware that keeping them in captivity—whether a zoo or research laboratory—is tantamount to slavery.

On what basis do they draw the line of 'the amount' of self-conciousness between chimps and humans on the one hand and other primates, such as orangutans, gorillas, bonobos, on the other? Have they even quantified it at all? And what about dolphins and elephants?

Comment: There more being wasted (Score 2) 316

by Arduenn (#45158871) Attached to: How Science Goes Wrong
In science, a lot of time and resources are wasted on testing ideas that other scientists had tested before, but who never published the results, simply because they weren't spectacular enough. Even though some negative results are obfuscated in papers reporting findings 'more worthwile' reporting, and even though some of the negative results are discussed at science meetings, many scientists have been trying to reinvent the wheel. Now how much is wasted? I don't know, but the result could be shocking.

Comment: Tech should make jobs obsolete (Score 5, Interesting) 674

by Arduenn (#45034723) Attached to: The Luddites Are Almost Always Wrong: Why Tech Doesn't Kill Jobs

Why can't tech make having to go to work obsolete?

Why can't we make all the tech stuff, like robots, do all the dumb work for all of us so we can spend the rest of our lives playing, or do the kind of work we really enjoy? Isn't this the frigging thing we should strive to achieve in society? Not create more jobs, but less?

Comment: Best model to upgrade to iOS 7 on is iPhone 4 (Score 1) 488

by Arduenn (#44916251) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 7 Slow?

On my iPhone 4

Overall, it feels snappier, but that may be psychological, since the interface looks cleaner. Also, I see a lot of negative comments of 'new iPhone' owners regarding the slowness because of all the animations. I don't see those. Maybe because they are automatically disabled on the iPhone 4. Perhaps, the iPhone 4, of all compatible models, is the best one to upgrade iOS 7 on.

Scrolling is slower. in iOS 6, the scrolling page appeared to be subjected to a certain amount of inertia. I.e. it kept on scrolling for a little bit even after you stopped dragging. Also, the faster you swiped your finger up, the more inertia there seemed to be. It was helpful in scrolling though lengthy pages. All that seems to be gone now. At least in Safari.

Skype is broken in iOS 7 on several points: (i) longer time tags are capped, '20' rather than '20.39', (ii) sending photographs and video messages is broken now. And there's no update available yet.

Comment: Re:Hmmm ... (Score 5, Informative) 221

by Arduenn (#44747689) Attached to: Prankster Calls NSA To Restore Deleted E-mail
He made the recording in the Netherlands. It's legal to record anyone there, on film and on tape. It's illegal to publish those recordings without the subjects consent, if they can be recognised in those publications. So the guy is in the clear (in the Netherlands). Then again, he can be extradited upon US request. Because it's on YouTube, which means it's published physically on US soil. I guess they could catch him at customs too, when he enters the US. But then again again, he's Dutch, of Iranian decent, so they'll do a total body cavity search at customs no matter how well he behaves.

Comment: At least then you know who's the bad guy (Score 1) 221

by Arduenn (#44747503) Attached to: Prankster Calls NSA To Restore Deleted E-mail
If, for the sake of retribution and showing muscle, the NSA feels the need to waste tax money on bullying this Iranian/Dutch young man by intimidating him, at least the rest of the world knows who can't be trusted with spy tools that are meant for protecting the Ustated Nites of America.

Comment: Re:Which is the most counterproductive act of all. (Score 1) 572

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I am a systems administrator. While I am an introvert (so I don't favor large social gatherings), I do actually have both CS and business degrees and have a broad specialization. I've also never intentionally reduced anyone to tears...

As in: tobacco doesn't kill people because Winston Churchill reached a respectable age of 93?

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The makers of Snapchat are right to reject the “sexting app” label – it’s not clear that this is what it is even being used for, and everyone deserves the option to communicate privately when they want, without automatically being branded as a pervert.

Just as I thought. It's just another sexting app.

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