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Comment: Re:This is a great excuse (Score 2) 119

by ArchieBunker (#49332813) Attached to: GNU Nano Gets New Stable Release

Are you kidding? No self respecting neckbeard would be caught dead using Nano. It's too simple and straightforward for them. Their editor needs to have an interactive and non interactive mode and no use of the delete or backspace key. I mean keyboards have had that function for like a half century now...

Comment: Re:Jerri (Score 4, Insightful) 533

The problem with groups like ISIS (and Vietnam for that matter) is simple. We cannot play by the rules and expect to win against an enemy that has no rules. ISIS exists because we destabilized Iraq by getting rid of Saddam. Yes he was a murderous dictator but that is the only way to keep that place in order. There are plenty of people who committed worse crimes than Saddam and yet we did nothing.

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