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Comment: Re:I hope Samba can keep up. (Score 0) 34

Samba is bullshit anymore. I've had so many problems lately with Samba not knowing how to handle filenames with spaces. It makes the files appear as though the permissions are bad to the Windows clients. You have to manually map the characters in the config. Why? Daemons like ftpd do not have this problem.

Comment: Too late (Score 2, Informative) 156

by ArchieBunker (#49381047) Attached to: Firefox 37 Released

I dumped Firefox when they changed to the hipster bullshit minimalist interface known as Australis. For a while Waterfox and Palemoon were doing a decent job. One day I decided to try Chrome to see how 60fps video looked on Youtube. Talk about night and day. Chrome is so much more responsive and doesn't use as many resources. Grab the usual essential addons (uBlock, Flashblock, etc) and you're good to go. No wonder Firefox has a dwindling user base. Instead of improving whats already there I get a video chat client and a paper airplane button to alert people on social media? Is this like email forwarding of the 90s?

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