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Comment Re:The things that must never be said... (Score 1) 571 571

2) There is already more than enough CO2 for a 'full' greenhouse effect so more will not make it 'worse.'

Please, enlighten me... If that's the case, why does Venus (with a massive atmosphere made mostly of CO2) have a far higher (~400 Celsius) surface temperature, even though it actually gets less heat from the Sun? This might sound surprising - Venus is closer to the Sun, so it'd be natural to expect it to get more heat. However, it is shrouded in a thick layer of clouds that reflect most of the light it receives back into space.

Venus's temperature is only explainable by its greenhouse effect. This can even be measured. So, my question is... if we are experiencing a "full" greenhouse effect, then what IS Venus experiencing?

Comment Planetes? (Score 4, Informative) 76 76

This reminds me of Planetes, a TV anime series by NHK (the Japanese equivalent of PBS/BBC) about the consequences of runaway space garbage in the near future (2072) of humanity. It's an interesting story, and it gets major extra points from me for being remarkably realistic.

Comment Facial recognition + EXIF (Score 5, Interesting) 187 187

Assuming that the uploaded pictures also contain the proper EXIF data, then Google will also know exactly when was the picture taken. If you they can also figure out the location the picture was taken on (perhaps as a tagging feature connected to Google Maps?), then they'll be able to track people - where and when they were, and in whose company. They could even extend the concept to try to combine pictures of the same event from different albums into a massive "super-album" of the event, even if the owners of the photographs never found out about each other.

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