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Comment Re:If Only (Score 1) 25

Well, it actually doesn't, at least not reliably. With the ability to retroactively alter history, you can never be 100% sure that someone didn't sneak a change into the repository without reviewing every line of every diff. Have fun!

You can rewrite history, but it will break compatibility with any forks or mirrors of the repository - and for popular github projects, there are hundreds or thousands of those. No way to alter commits that have already been published without making it very obvious.

Comment Re:It depends (Score 1) 486

For instance, their paper says that concatenating a million one byte strings into a single million byte string takes 274 seconds. That should take much less than one second

wtf. The only way it could take that long would be if they were concatenating them as immutable strings and had to copy the result repeatedly.

Comment Re:What is the point? (Score 1) 340

It seems counter-intuitive, but maybe electronic transmission of data is actually more secure than physical transport? Wipe all devices before crossing borders with them, then pull the backup over the internet (through a properly secured connection, of course).

Comment Re:Yes, and? (Score 1) 178

BitCoins are too much in use to ever really go down in value for any length of time now that China is in the game.

They've dropped steadily for most of 2014, though. One could argue that that all of that was still correcting the bubble in late 2013, but that correction has lasted well over a year now. There hasn't really been a good time to hold on to Bitcoin since then, with a few short-term exceptions.

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