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Comment: What they left out (Score 4, Insightful) 200

by Arancaytar (#48608927) Attached to: NASA's $349 Million Empty Tower

NASA didn't decide to build that; a Republican senator from Mississippi forced through the budget amendment even though it was pointless. Apparently stimulating the economy down there with some completely useless waste of resources is more important than actual space research.

Blaming NASA for it is just adding insult to injury - what an asshole reporter.

Comment: Would've ended US administration of root zone (Score 1) 120

by Arancaytar (#48383309) Attached to: No, You Can't Seize Country TLDs, US Court Rules

No government would want to trust their TLD (on which relies the entire country's infrastructure and economy) to a foreign country that interferes with it. Once that can of worms is opened, you'd probably end up with each country hosting their own alternative root and mandating their ISPs either default to using it or being able to fail over to it quickly when necessary.

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