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Comment: Re:Could be a different route involved for the VPN (Score 1) 394

Perhaps you could just link to the article or a particularly insightful comment you made instead of making a post that adds nothing to the conversation.

Not all of us read every comment on /.

I'm very curious as to why Netflix would degrade their own service and why Comcast and Verizon wouldn't point to this smoking gun every time they're accused of throttling.

Comment: Re:aaargh! pinheads in the IT. (Score 1) 234

by Aqualung812 (#47502117) Attached to: Verizon Boosts FiOS Uploads To Match Downloads

But the corporate official VPN uses some strange protocol. Once the VPN is connected ALL the traffic from the local machine will go the corporate VPN host.

This isn't strange, it is considering SOP for most corporations to ban "split-tunneling", where only traffic to the corporate network are sent over VPN.
It also isn't a protocol, it is just a default route to send all traffic over the VPN.

The theory is that by allowing someone to have unfiltered access at the same time as they are connected to the internal corporate network, they are creating a security risk.

The reality is that the "crunchy outside, warm gooey inside" security model as been broken for some time, and modern security is to use a zero-trust network model.

TL;DR: It is quite common but agree it is quite stupid.

Comment: Re:And in totally unrelated news.... (Score 1) 383

by Aqualung812 (#47477399) Attached to: Microsoft CEO To Slash 18,000 Jobs, 12,500 From Nokia To Go

The valuable and talented employees will not be laid off and they know it.

You're saying that they trust their management to make the right decision? Maybe, but if they are as bright as I hope, they would have a healthy lack of faith in their management based off Windows 8/Windows Phone 8.

Comment: Re:And in totally unrelated news.... (Score 4, Insightful) 383

by Aqualung812 (#47474399) Attached to: Microsoft CEO To Slash 18,000 Jobs, 12,500 From Nokia To Go

That means, for over 6 months, Microsoft employees won't know for sure whether they will be laid off or kept.

Which means the most talented and valuable employees will find new jobs before there are layoffs, and Microsoft will end up keeping the ones that couldn't find a job elsewhere.

How does this make Microsoft better?

Comment: Re:You keep using that word... (Score 2) 710

I think so, but normally they don't draw less power, but just produce more light.

I suppose they could be considered slightly more efficient if you use less of them to cover a given area, or if you are only measuring lumens per watt.

Just looked it up:

Yes, halogens are slightly more efficient, on average, but the best tungsten incandescent is more efficient that the worst halogen.

Comment: Re:He does know what it means (Score 1) 710

Which is technically also called halogen because that describes the type of gas inside

Wait, I just listed noble gasses, and you corrected me that they're also called halogen, which is the group NEXT to the nobles. On what planet do you call those gasses halogens?

Had I listed fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine, you'd be correct.

Comment: You keep using that word... (Score 2) 710

Halogen. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Halogen lights run VERY hot and bright, but do not offer any energy savings, as they are still incandescent (glowing resistor) lamps.

Do you perhaps mean fluorescent or compact-fluorescent lamps (CFL)? They are filled with low pressure mercury vapor and argon, xenon, neon, or krypton. They are about the same efficiency as LED, but are slow to come to full brightness as you describe.

Otherwise, great post. Completely agree on the advantages of LED. I've actually skipped the bulb-style and have started installing LED strips with a standalone 12vDC converter.

Comment: Re:There's an "ick factor" but... (Score 1) 242

by Aqualung812 (#47440499) Attached to: Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

Exactly. My town pulls drinking water from a river, then sends the sewage out a mile downstream.
The next town 10 miles to the south gets all of our sewage (somewhat treated), and does some treatment itself, then repeats the process.

My guess is that the "closed loop" system from TFA is actually cleaner than what I'm drinking, simply because they know they are dealing with something completely polluted to begin with and have to win the public on it.

Comment: Re:Brilliant... (Score 1) 158

by Aqualung812 (#47368821) Attached to: Russia Moves From Summer Time To Standard Time

Not all of us like the sun still being up past 9pm. Some of us hate hearing lawnmowers and having the sun shine in when we're trying to put our kids to bed. Some of us want to look at the stars with our children, but can no longer do it.

If we're basing the clock off the sun, then adjust to local time and leave it alone.
If we're not basing the clock off the sun, we all should use UTC.

Comment: Black Swan (Score 4, Insightful) 164

by Aqualung812 (#47283399) Attached to: US House of Representatives Votes To Cut Funding To NSA

There WILL be another 9/11. This stuff happens, and it CAN NOT be 100% avoided.

You can do some things that could help (hint: the issue with 9/11 wasn't a lack of info, but a lack of communication. We still have this problem regardless what the NSA does), but you can't stop it from ever happening.

So, no matter what things you do to prevent 9/11, something like it will happen again. The Boston Marathon bombings, while much less severe, show that even with the super surveillance, people dedicated to cause death can do it, and always will be able to.

What makes for more interesting discussion is if there are ways of preventing the root causes for wanting to cause death. Perhaps that can be more effective than ignoring what the cause is & trying to stop the effect?

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We do agree. So the two of us are good, maybe 200,000 others in the USA, give or take 100,000.

The rest want bars on the school doors and windows to prevent shoot shootings that are a fraction of the deaths caused by the cars they drive their kids to school in. They keep the kids inside so they don't get kidnapped while their kid gets a higher risk of death from poor fitness. They support the "war on drugs" and the "war on terror".

I honestly don't know what to do about them. If I try to talk about it, their eyes roll back into their head.
If I talk about sports or the hit show, they're enthralled.

Again, Huxley was right.

The biggest mistake you can make is to believe that you are working for someone else.