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Comment NVidea's problem, not Microsoft's (Score -1, Troll) 308 308

If you're unhappy that NVidea didn't do it right the first time, complain to them or get a different video card.

I have absolutely no sympathy for those crying about wanting to disable automatic updates.
If you're a pro, get a pro version and run your own WSUS server on a VM.
If you're not a pro but want to delay or skip updates, you're likely part of the problem in delaying your updates too long simply because you don't want to select "Update and shut down" once or twice a month.

Comment Re:Feinstein as usual (Score 1) 164 164

Simple legal requirement that will substantially reduce the potential for harm.

And something that also impacts both the aerodynamics and weight of the device.

No. It is unlikely to kill anyone, and we allow far more dangerous devices. Quit trying to legislate to protect stupidity, as it only creates every more stupid people.

Comment Re:So, a good move then (Score 5, Funny) 288 288

Apple only charges around 2-3 times more for a cable than the competition.

Monster's level of bullshit is another sport entirely.

Buying genuine Apple stuff is like buying parts from the dealership for you car. More expensive, and may or may not be any better than what you can get elsewhere.

Buying anything Monster is like buying a bottle of $100 window cleaner that has specially aligned atoms that will reduce wind resistance and increase speed on your car.

Comment Re:That's my problem (Score 1) 141 141

I sure as hell don't purchase $120 in music per year, even when the CD was king I doubt many ever did.

I sure as hell didn't spend $96 a year on last year's movies and TV shows, but when Netflix let me choose from a large number that I could easily watch on my game system, TV, and all mobile devices, I started spending that.

You can't compare spending money for one item with spending money to temporarily access millions of items.

Comment Re:The Death Of Fax Machines Has Been Grossly... (Score 1) 395 395

The reason they don't tell you to scan and email it is that email is not considered a secure or verifiable method of communication.

Neither is a fax.

Most faxes these days are actually emails going from one email server to another, with sometimes multiple complicated digital-to-analog and back again conversions. It is perverse.

Even IF you had the nearly impossible analog fax to fax, there is no way to prove in a court that the documents are valid. They can be easily manipulated before sending.

Comment Re:Understand how the companies make money! (Score 1) 344 344

Microsoft is also an operating system company

I always equate OS to software. They have had to decide which is a bigger part of their potential revenue, and they've certainly made bone-head decisions along the way.

At the same time, when I was a Windows Phone user a few years ago, I found it telling that the Photosynth app was created for iOS long before it was created for Windows Phone.

It all depends on what part of Microsoft you're talking about, but some parts seem to think that exclusives are the way to greater software sales. I think the current CEO is putting an end to that line of thinking.

Comment Understand how the companies make money! (Score 5, Interesting) 344 344

Google is an advertising company. They make money from getting the advertising targets (you) to use their services, and charge the advertisers for access to you.
They're not going to make money off Android directly, it is just a way to get people on their platform.
This is why Google still makes iOS and Windows Phone applications. They just care that you're using their platform, regardless of how.

Apple is a hardware company.They make money from selling phones, and increasingly off of their app stores, but obviously not enough to open their app store to Google.
This is why you DON'T see iTunes, Facetime, or iMessage for Android. Their goal is to sell devices.

Microsoft is a software company. They make money off selling software, so they will, like Google, try to make their software available on as many platforms as they can. They, also like Google, care less about the phone sales and more about getting you as a loyal user of their products.
Unlike Google, Microsoft users are their customers.

Whenever people compare these three companies, they need to look at the core of who these companies are.
I'm not claiming one is better than the other, and in fact I use all three daily.
They just have different motivations for playing on the same playground.

It is somewhat like 3 kids all playing baseball together, but one is playing to be a pro baseball player, another is playing to have fun, and another is playing to impress a girl.
You can't compare the 3 kids to each other and say one is doing better than another, because each is measuring their success a different way.

Comment Re:Gift cards suck (Score 1) 107 107

Why would anyone use those? There's no discount.

Using a Starbucks card counts towards a free drink or food item after 12 uses.
There is no minimum amount on what counts, as long as it is a drink or food item, and there is no max on what you can redeem it for, again as long as it is a drink or food item.

I have used this to great success by getting a $1.50 brew coffee, put in my own mug (-$0.10), and free refills while using their WiFi for a few hours.

Every 2 weeks, I would get a free treat, a 5-6 shot "candy coffee" with whip cream, caramel, etc... That would normally be $7-$8, but was free with that card.

For me, that was enough that I saved the money and calories of skipping those candy drinks most of the time, knowing I'd have it again soon enough.

Comment Light is still the speed limit. (Score 3, Funny) 221 221

I remember getting a request for a cluster that was proposed to be split between a midwest USA site and London. Conversation was something like this (not exact numbers, but I did do the math at the time):

PHB: We need less than 50ms latency.
Me: Can't be done. We're at around 120ms right now with 10ms jitter using VPN.
PHB: What about MPLS?
Me: That might get us to 115ms with 5ms jitter.
PHB: Well, we have to come up with a solution. What else can we do?
Me: Slap Einstein? This is a physics problem, not an IT problem.
PHB: This is OUR problem to solve.
Me: Ok, if we buy our own glass, lay it in a straight line between us and London, which also includes some sort of housing for it that I don't know exists that would prevent issues with freezing/melting/icebergs, we'd end up with 72 ms.
PHB: So there really isn't anything we can do...*starts walking away*
Me: Hold on! I have another idea! We can tunnel through the earth, and skip the water issue if we can come up with a new type of shielding that can withstand tectonic forces and heat. That will allow us to get to 55 ms since we're not dealing with the curvature of the earth! Will that work?

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