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The Courts

Slot Machine with Bad Software Sends Players To Jail 647

dcollins writes "Previous discussions here have turned into debates over who is liable for faulty software: the programmers, the publisher, etc. Yahoo has a new option: perhaps the users are criminally liable for using the software. From the AP: 'Prosecutors are considering criminal charges against casino gamblers who won big on a slot machine that had been installed with faulty software ... A decision on whether to bring criminal charges could come in a couple of weeks, said John Colin, chief deputy prosecutor for Harrison County. He said 'criminal intent' may be involved when people play a machine they know is faulty.' Would your average user be able to distinguish 'faulty software' from 'lucky'?"

Senate Committee Passes FCC Indecency Bill 507

An anonymous reader writes "US Senate Commerce Committee today passed a bill that would allow the FCC to fine broadcasters for slip of the tongue expletives, negating a ruling by federal appeals court in New York that commission's policy on 'fleeting expletives' is arbitrary and capricious. 'A mandate by Congress that a "fleeting expletive" can now be found indecent will create a vast chilling effect on broadcast speech, the advocacy group Center for Democracy and Technology claims. CDT points out that prior to this bill and the FCC's policy change, the FCC exercised discretion in determining which utterances were indecent, and consistently found that one-time uses of curse words were not indecent.'"

Submission Google Street View and "No Photography" Lo->

thesandbender writes: "Google Street View is sure to upset a number of law enforcement agencies. Because of the "Terrorist Threat" photographing most tunnels and several bridges in and around New York City is strictly forbidden. Apparently Google didn't see the signs or forget to turn off their cameras. The site has entire photographs of all the major tunnels and bridges around New York. What other "sensitive" information does Google Street View reveal?"
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The Internet

Submission eBay Ivory Trade Threatens Elephants' Survival

travdaddy writes: "The International Fund for Animal Welfare studied eBay's internationally illegal ivory trade and reported "over 2,200 elephant ivory items listed on eBay Web sites and found that more than 90% of the listings breached even eBay's own respective national wildlife policies." Normally banned items are delisted from eBay but the report continues, "very few of the suspected illegal items reported by IFAW investigators to eBay during the snapshot survey were removed from sale.""

Submission Copying DVDs ruled legal in Finland

Anonymous Coward writes: "Finnish court ruled today that breaking CSS copy protection scheme found on virtually all commercial DVD-Video discs is legal, despite country's EUCD-compliant copyright legislation. Court decided that since there are tons of freely available tools on Net to break the encryption, it cannot be deemed "effective"."

Submission The War on Free Speech

populist writes: "In a post-9/11 climate, the right of free expression is under attack. It's been endangered in the age of George Bush when dissent may be called a threat to national security, terrorism, or treason. But losing that most precious of all rights means losing our freedom; as 18th century French philosopher Voltaire spoke in defense of saying "I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Using it to express dissent is what noted historian Howard Zinn calls "the highest form of patriotism" exercising our constitutional right to freedom of speech, the press, to assemble, to protest publicly, and associate as we choose for any reason within the law."

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