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+ - Bill Gates & Steve Jobs Dual Interview

Submitted by
Dekortage writes "What do you get when you put Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on the same stage at the D5 conference — to be questioned by Walt Mossberg? Aside from the expected musings on the future of technology and the Internet, you get some friendly jabs, some reminiscing, even some true emotion. Read the session transcript or watch the videos for the interesting reactions between them. (You can also download the video on iTunes for free.)"

Comment: Re:LOC Needs Thicker Skin (Score 1) 125

by Apraxhren (#19030107) Attached to: Library of Congress Threatens Washington Watch Wiki
Apparently reading does not mean comprehension so I can't suggest the same to you. The endorsement is not of THOMAS, but of Washington Watch. In that endorsement THOMAS is used in a negative way, but this should all be clear as the part of the sentence you left off says:

For Raymond, the issue here is that Harper was critical of the Library's own work in a way which endorsed his own; as Raymond puts it, ...[your quote]

+ - Princeton physicists connect string theory

Submitted by
tinkertim writes "Physorg is reporting that Princeton physicists have connected the string theory with established physics. From the article:

String theory, simultaneously one of the most promising and controversial ideas in modern physics, may be more capable of helping probe the inner workings of subatomic particles than was previously thought, according to a team of Princeton University scientists.

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