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Submission + - Data Breach!

Pax681 writes: Hungryhouse take away delivery service has suffered a data breach. I was informed after receiving text message to say my password had been changed.

Your password has been updated.If you did not make this change,please contact us on 02088199778

So I checked on the website and sure enough.. I could not log in. so I phoned them and I was told that About 10,000 passswords had been reset and that it was a "minor data breach" and if i wanted my account checked i could. I then asked if anyone had ordered anything since last night as that was my last known order. All was well. They are very much playing it down ... but we shall see, there nothing on the interwebs about it yet

United Kingdom

UK Prisons To Crack Down On Inmate Internet and Mobile Phone Use ( 37

An anonymous reader writes: UK prisons will roll out enhanced internet and mobile phone blocking technologies, according to new measures announced yesterday by Chancellor George Osborne in the Autumn Statement. The step, which seeks to stop inmate access to the internet and calls made from mobile devices, will involve part of a £1.3bn investment from the Ministry of Justice to improve the country's Prison Service. Through this strategy, the government hopes to drive "safety improvements" by denying calls and data used on illicit mobile devices. The latest development in blocking technologies promises to be better (paywalled) than earlier systems, which inmates have been able to get around.

Comment Re:What a coincidence (Score 1) 82

This is on an HP Pavillion 11 inch laptop. Not the best hardware and almost certainly my last HP device. It seems to be associated with use of an external monitor connected with HDMI. I had one or two hangs over several months on 15.04 but on 15.10 its every day. I will most likely go back to 14.04 for the time being.

Comment Re:Though I completely support the idea in princip (Score 1) 251

...what really will happen is that in a few years the advertisements will be full of religious propaganda and proselytizing.

Only if they work.

Anyway, I'd rather have pro-sharia advertising than another ad for heartburn medicine. The entertainment factor would be higher.

Comment Re:Smearing? (Score 4, Informative) 214

> No relation to encryption isn't an issue. He attacked his country's intelligence services, at a bad time it turns out.

He exposed criminal behavior, both in the US and worldwide, and the waste of millions if not billions of dollars of intelligence efforts aimed at completely innocent people. Because it's proven so very fruitless, it was and remains a good idea to expose it.

Comment Re:If we're going systemd, we should go full throt (Score 1) 684

I'm referring to classic desktops. Linux failed miserably there. On the other hand, Android is a smashing hit - it's the most widely deployed OS in the world now.

And no, I don't buy the "pre-installed in BestBuy" argument anymore - lots of companies (Dell included) tried to sell pre-installed Linux.

Comment Consumer ignorance (Score 1) 442

It's beyond me in this day and age of ubiquitous information available at one's fingertips that anyone can walk into a dealership and NOT know what they want to buy (or at least have it narrowed down to one or two models and/or trim levels). You should do all your research BEFORE going to the dealership. The only point of going to the dealership should be to actually drive the car and confirm or refute what you already know about it.

Dealerships HATE informed customers because it basically removes the need for a salesperson. I don't WANT some smelly guy in a bad suit trying to tell me what I want. I already KNOW what I want. The only reason I'm even there is because I can't order one from the factory directly. I have my financing worked out with my credit union before I set foot in his doorway. The salesperson's total interaction with me ought to be "Here is a filled-out build sheet for the car I want along with all options I would like. Here is the price I'm willing to pay which ensures a modest profit for you and your dealership. I will not negotiate one penny above and beyond that, nor do I want to be sold on additional options or extras I have not already specified. Please locate the car in your database. If you have one on the lot that matches it, I'll take it today. If not, please have it delivered here and let me know when it arrives. Thank you. Goodbye."

Why in the hell can't we just ORDER these things from the factory??? Oh, dealerships have local politicians blocking that sort of thing. Land of the free, home of the brave-but-not-so-brave-that-we-want-actual-competition.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 684

I cannot understand your "logic".

I'm not surprised, your reading comprehension is lousy.

The reason I don't write a replacement is because I'm lazy. I take full blame and responsibility for that.
I give full blame and responsibility to the systemd team for writing lousy code. These two things are not exclusive. Both can be true.

Does that makes sense to you now?

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 684

You've been around this debate to know that systemd isn't an init system.

Of course. I think I even stated something similar elsewhere. I wasn't trying to imply that it is only an init system.

My complaints are not the features provided by systemd, but rather the architecture of systemd. Being unable to separate the init from the rest of the system is merely one obvious symptom of the larger problem.

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