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Submission + - Microsoft Acquires Health Search Engine, Medstory

ReadWriteWeb writes: "Microsoft has acquired Medstory, a vertical search engine for health information. Medstory's search results are thoroughly categorized and the types of sources are clearly identified, so that users can get clinical trials and research materials if they wish. It's a great example of how a vertical search engine can offer 'value add' features that are specific to the domain. NYTimes says that Medstory's "search software applies artificial intelligence techniques to medical and health information in medical journals, government documents and on the Internet."

While the web-based health industry is a potentially huge market (just ask Jim Clark of Netscape and Healtheon fame), which probably is the main reason for Microsoft's interest in it, an equally valid reason could be that Microsoft wants to corner the vertical search engine niche for health — before Google gets to it."

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