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Comment: Re:the problem with Twitter (Score 3, Interesting) 66

by marcansoft (#48896939) Attached to: Twitter Moves To Curb Instagram Links

140 characters isn't enough ... in English. You should see the novels that Japanese people post on Twitter. Japanese is about 2x denser per character than English, so you can fit in a lot more stuff. I was amazed when I was able to compose an elaborate explanation for someone in Japanese and it still fit in one tweet (I'm learning the language).

Comment: Re:Hey! I've been gypped! (Score 1) 120

by PopeRatzo (#48895951) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

How can you possibly remember all that? Are you maintaining some of these old industrial DOS systems? I can tell you from the top of my head what record label a rock song from 1970 was on, but I couldn't make an autoexec.bat or config.sys if you put a gun to my head without googling it. And I must have done it a thousand times back in the day.

Comment: Re:Hey! I've been gypped! (Score 1) 120

by PopeRatzo (#48895165) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

You don't drive your Ferrari around at max speed all the time,

I do in Need for Speed Rivals, which brings us full circle back to VRAM and nVidia trying to get those people who just bought Geforce 970s to start bugging their parents (or wives) for a GeForce 980 because goddamit, they promised 4gig VRAM and now I may not be able to play Arkham Knight on Ultra and that makes me feel awful.

Comment: Re:Well, it's more like they said... (Score 1) 120

by PopeRatzo (#48895145) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

Yeah, but what if you got that really good looking waitress from the Tilted Kilt to finally go out with you and you told her your car could to 200 and you drive out the Bonneville Salt Flats and it turns out your expensive car runs out of horses at 175mph and you're looking like the world's biggest douche?

How are you supposed to recover from that, huh? DAMN YOU nVIDIA!

Comment: Re: Hey! I've been gypped! (Score 2) 120

by PopeRatzo (#48895127) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

. Probably 99.9% of users don't have applications or hardware to use more than half of that VRAM anyways

Sure they do. People who are buying the 970 are either gamers or dopey bitcoin miners, and the top tier (and most of the middle-tier) of new games will use 4gig VRAM. Who knows about the bitcoin mining because that's all nonsense anyway. But I'll bet their little programs that they run using $1 of electricity to get 50 cents in bitcoins use every bit of that 4gig VRAM. Because they've got nothing but time to deal with bitcoin mining and GPU performance since they dropped out of grad school and now dad keeps insisting that they be looking for work but how can they do that when they're mining bitcoins goddamnit, which is the future of money and then they'll never need a job because they'll be the ones with all the money and dad's Roth IRA is going to be worthless, watch and see. And if they could just get they're hands on another $1500 (you know dad probably has it), they could really get this bitcoin rig humming and then they'd be spending $1 of electricity to mine 75 cents worth of bitcoins.

Gamers on the other hand (like me) paid for 4gig of VRAM to get more p's and more frames-per-secondses, and by god, we deserve to get 4 gig of VRAM.

Comment: Re:You've missed the point (Score 1) 115

but to claim it's DISRUPTIVE to the auto industry is silly.

Indeed. 'Disruptive' would be Tesla coming out with a hatchback EV with a 300 mile range for under $20k (just to make it wildly disruptive).

Worst case this displaces some kit car builds, and the likely result is that the prototyping departments are already buying the printers for the major manufacturers to purchase themselves.

Comment: Re:NHTSA Safety standards cock-blocks the idea (Score 3, Interesting) 115

The big exception to safety standards is the antique car.

I'll add one more: The kit car. So long as it's assembled by the owner himself(though he can subsequently sell it intact, it's a bit like selling home-made firearms), it's not considered 'manufactured' and not subject to a lot of the rules.

If they can arrange it so the buyer is 'assembling' the car(even if that means the paperwork says he's renting the machine and buying only the feedstock/parts) as a legal fiction, they can dodge a lot of rules.