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Comment: Are paying customers now called "pirates"? (Score 1) 437

by Any0n (#48746791) Attached to: Netflix Cracks Down On VPN and Proxy "Pirates"
While I have a serious objection for anyone to be calling paying customers "pirates", this issue is not going away any time soon because of the restrictive contracts imposed by the studios on content delivery providers.

In any case, a VPN is not the best technology to use for bypassing ge-restriction, since VPNs are designed to send all traffic, including audio/video delivery through the VPN tunnel.

A better option is to use a smart DNS proxy, which you can easily build yourself for the cost of a cheap hosted Linux server. This type of solution only proxies API traffic and leaves video delivery to happen across your local connection, with the benefit of your local CDN PoPs.

A private solution such as this, could possibly avoid all of this unpleasantness associated with multiple user accounts observed to be coming from a small IP space (or even single IPs).

DIY clone of Netflix Tunlr/Unblock-Us/UnoTelly on cheap US based VPS

Having said all that, response from Netflix suggests they are not doing anything to break VPN circumvention:

-- ab1

P.S. And then there is always IPv6 :)

Comment: Virtualise this (Score 2) 359

by Any0n (#38383108) Attached to: Oracle Sued For 'Extortion, Lies' By Montclair State University
You just built a small compute cluster using popular hypervisor, with three hosts, each with 2x8-core physical CPUs.

You plan to run a few Oracle VMs on this cluster.

You are advised by Oracle to license all of the physical cores in your compute cluster, because those VMs can (in theory) move around and run on any of the physical CPUs in the cluster.

You tell Oracle to go and f*ck themselves and opt for a DBMS with a less retarded licensing model.

-- ab1

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